Best WordPress Themes with A Built-in Page Builder

Updated: April 10, 2020

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS. With it, anyone can create a website without needing to have a web programming skill. To allow users to create a unique website, themes are available on the official theme directory of WordPress. There are also third-party sources available to get a WordPress theme such as Themeforest and TemplateMonster.

If you have been long being a WordPress user, there must be something you have realized. Today, the vast majority of WordPress theme developers offer a built-in page builder to give users an extra tool to build their website with WordPress. Divi, Newspaper, Total, Avada, Jupiter. They all have a built-in theme builder.

Why a page builder is important?

Commonly, a website consists of several pages. From the homepage, about page, contact page, 404 page, and so on. If you use your website to offer a certain service or product, you might also want to create a landing page. A page builder helps you to create all of those pages. Not just regular pages with boring texts. Instead, you can create attractive, visual pages without programming knowledge required. A page builder comes with a visual interface that allows you to create beautiful webpages with drag and drop functionality.

With a page builder, you can instantly express what’s on your mind regarding your webpage design. It’s like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, but for WordPress. A page builder is even crucial if you are a sort of WordPress user who has no programming skills at all.

Popular WordPress themes with a built-in page builder

We know. Popular doesn’t mean the best. Besides, everyone has their own criteria about the best. At least, a popular theme indicates that the theme has a good quality. How to figure out if a WordPress theme has good quality and popularity?

If the theme is available on the official theme directory of WordPress, you can see its rating as well as the number of active installations, which you can find on the left side of the theme detail page.

What if the theme is available on other sources? The theme developers commonly also provide similar stats to convince the users that their themes have good quality. If the theme you want to use is available on Themeforest or TemplateMonster, you can also find the ratings as well the number of downloads (sales) on the detail page of the theme.

If you need an additional tool to figure out if the theme you want to use is popular enough, you can try BuiltWith. This tool gives you brief stats about the usage of WordPress themes.

The themes we are going to mention below have a good popularity and reputation. Newspaper, for instance. This theme has a perfect rating on Themeforest (5 out of 5 stars) and has over 85 thousand sales (downloads).

Before choosing a theme, make sure that the theme suits your needs. You should not use Newspaper to build an e-commerce website since this theme is not aimed at so. Instead, Newspaper is aimed specifically at dynamic websites like blogs, news portals, online magazines and other types of dynamic websites.

Here is the list of the popular WordPress themes with a built-in theme builder. Please note that the items below are ordered randomly, not based on total users or ratings.

1. Newspaper

  • Developer: tagDiv
  • Built-in page builder: tagDiv Composer
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
  • Available on: Themeforest

As we have mentioned above, Newspaper is a WordPress theme that is aimed specifically at dynamic websites. So, if you want to build a website like an online magazine, blog or news portal, Newspaper is a perfect option. It is available on Themeforest and has a predicate as the best selling news theme on Themeforest. This theme has over 85 thousand sales.

Newspaper is bundled with tagDiv Composer, a page builder developed specifically for themes developed by tagDiv. In addition to Newspaper, tagDiv Composer is also available for Newsmag, another theme developed by tagDiv. If you haven’t used a page builder before, Newspaper allows you to instantly have a beautiful dynamic website by installing a demo. A demo is a pre-defined website template you can apply to your website. Newspaper comes with a theme panel to make global settings such as setting the single post template, header style, footer style, and so on.

With tagDiv Composer, you can design your own homepage as well as supporting pages like about page, 404 page, author page, contact page and so on. Read our tagDiv Composer review to figure out what you can do with the page builder.

2. Total

WPBakery is a paid page builder. If you buy this page builder from its official website, you have to pay $45 for a single website. However, you can have it for free if you use Total theme. Total itself is a paid theme that costs $59 for a single license (one website). Given that this theme using WPBakery as its default page builder, $59 is not an expensive price at all. Total is not designed specifically for a certain website type. Instead, it is a multi-purpose theme. You can use Total whether to create a blog, e-commerce site, portfolio site, one-page website, and so on.

Tota also offers pre-made demos like Newspaper, allowing you to have a beautiful website in minutes. You can simply import a demo that suits you with its demo importer feature. In addition to WPBakery, Total also comes with other premium plugins, including Templatera, Slider Revolution, and Layer Slider.

3. Divi

Divi claims itself as the most popular WordPress theme in the world. This claim is based on stats on Builtwith. According to the stats, Divi is used by 15,803 websites out of 1 million websites. Divi itself is indeed a popular enough WordPress theme, developed by an eager team. According to a brief stat on its official website, Divi has been used by over 600,000 users. The developer of Divi, Elegant Themes, uses a similar business model as tagDiv, the developer or Newspaper Theme. Elegant Themes developed a page builder that is exclusively packed with the WordPress themes it develops (Divi and Extra). But recently, Elegant Themes decided to release Divi Builder as a standalone plugin that can be used on themes other than Divi and Extra. Just for your information, Divi and Divi Builder are two different products. Divi (just “Divi”) is a WordPress theme while Divi Builder is a page builder plugin.

Divi itself is a multi-purpose website. But, the vast majority of users seem to use Divi to build static websites. If you want to build a dynamic website, we suggest you use Extra. Elegant Themes itself adopts a subscription business model. Once you become an Elegant Themes subscriber, you will have access to all products developed by it, including Divi, Extra, Divi Builder, Monarch, and Bloom.

4. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a great theme to build a static website. It is packed with Visual Composer that has been tailored by the theme developer to make it well-integrated seamlessly with the theme. You can also create a beautiful website in minutes thanks to the offered pre-made demos. You can see examples of the websites created with Brooklyn on its official website.

There are lots of features offered by this theme. In addition to pre-made demos, this theme also offers Visual Composer templates as well as ready-to-use blocks. This theme offers free lifetime updates so you can always use the latest version of Brooklyn without needing to pay extra cost.

5. X

  • Developer: Themeco
  • Built-in page builder: Cornerstone
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
  • Available on: Themeforest

Just “X”. Nore more no less. That is the name of this theme. X is a popular WordPress theme. As of today, this theme has been used by over 200,000 users (according to Themeforest). The developer of this theme gives users two default page builder: Cornerstone or Visual Composer. Speaking of Cornerstone, this page builder is developed by the same developer as X theme. Cornerstone is technically a paid plugin, but you don’t need to pay extra to use this plugin on X theme. Cornerstone works on both posts and pages in WordPress.

You can use X whether to create a dynamic or static site. If you want to create a one-page website, there is a feature to set up one-page navigation on your website.

6. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is a WordPress theme that is designed specifically for e-commerce websites. So, if you want to build an e-commerce website with WordPress, this theme is worth considering. This theme is bundled with WPBakery, but also compatible with other page builders like Elementor and Visual Composer. Shopkeeper has an option called Catalog Mode to allow you to turn on/off the e-commerce functionality. If this option is enabled, the e-commerce functionality will be disabled by hiding the Cart and the Add to Cart buttons. You can enable this feature if you want to use your website for cataloging or showcasing purposes only.

If you want to use blog posts to promote your products, this theme also offers 3 different blog layouts you can choose from: Masonry, Classic, Modern.

There are a bunch of features offered by Shopkeeper if you want to build an e-commerce website with WordPress, including PayPal integration to accept payment, reporting feature, feature to apply coupons, inventory management and so on.

7. The Retailer

The Retailer is also a great theme to build an e-commerce website. You can visit this page to see a website demo created with this theme. It’s pretty cool. The Retailer itself is developed by the same developer as Shopkeeper sot the overall features are not much different. You can also turn off the e-commerce functionality if you only need a website for cataloging or showcasing purposes.

8. Jupiter

  • Developer: Artbees
  • Built-in page builder: Elementor
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
  • Available on: Themeforest

Since released in 2016, Elementor has transformed into the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress with over 3 million active installations. The reason is that this page builder has a very intuitive interface. Today, there are many WordPress themes that include Elementor as their page builder. Jupiter is one of which.

Jupiter is a popular theme with over 120.000 users. It’s a multi-purpose theme. You can use Jupiter whether to create a blog, e-commerce website, portfolio website, a company profile website and so on. Jupiter offers pre-made demos to allow you to have a beautiful website in minutes. You will be able to customize the header as well as the footer of your website without having to deal with any programming code.

In addition to Elementor, Jupiter also comes with JetElements, JetBlog, JetPopup, JetMenu, JetEngine, JetSmartFilters, JetWooBuilder, JetTabs, and JetTricks. They are premium Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. With those add-ons, you will have more freedom to create creative content on your website. We have reviewed JetElements in case you are curious about this Elementor add-on.

9. Kalium

Kalium is aimed specifically at professionals. If you are — for instance, a professional designer — and want to showcase your works, this theme would be a perfect option although you can also use it for other purposes as well, including blogging, building an e-commerce website, and so on. This website offers more than 15 header styles and several single post templates.

If you have not enough time to design your website from scratch, this theme also offers pre-made demos you can import. You can always use the latest version of Kalium without needing to pay extra since this theme offers free lifetime updates. In addition to WPBakery, Kalium is also bundled with other premium plugins including Revolution Slider.

10. Avada

Based on the sales number, Avada is the runner up on this list, behind Divi. Avada has been bought over 550,000 times according to Themeforest. On Themeforest itself, Avada is the best selling WordPress theme of all time. You can use Avada to build any type of website.

Avada is built by Theme Fusion. The developer has the same business concept as tagDiv (the developer of Newspaper Theme) and Elegant Themes (the developer of Divi). Theme Fusion bundles Avada with Fusion Builder, a page builder that is built exclusively for Avada. This page builder comes with design elements like Button, Chart, Slider, Pricing Table, Blog, Portfolio and tens other more. Pre-made demos are also available in case you have no idea about the design concept of the website you want to build.

11. Bridge

Bridge gives you an option whether you want to use Elementor or WPBakery as your page builder. This option depends on the demo you import. Yes, Bridge offers pre-made demos you can import with its importer, allowing you to have a beautiful website without making too much effort. This theme is also popular enough with over 122.000 sales on Themeforest. Bridge is a multi-purpose theme. You can use it whether to create a portfolio website to showcase your works, create an e-commerce website, or create a website for your company.

12. Salient

Salient is another WordPress theme that you can use to create any type of website. Whether portfolio, company website, blog or e-commerce. This theme uses tailored WPBakery as its built-in page builder. Just like other themes on this list, Salient also offers pre-made demos in case you have no idea about the design of the website you want to build or simply cannot wait to have your website ready. Salient also offers several header styles you can choose from to avoid the monotonous. You can change your website header at any time.

Salient offers free lifetime updates to allow you to always use the latest version of the theme. Other features like off-canvas menu, megamenu, sliders, and infinite scroll option are also available.

13. Ultra

  • Developer: Themify
  • Built-in page builder: Themify Builder
  • Rating: –
  • Available on:

You can use Ultra to create any type of website. Whether to create an online magazine, a website to showcase your works, e-commerce, to a portfolio. You can see the website demos created with this theme on the Themify official website. Ultra comes with lots of header styles. There are about 15 different header styles offered by Ultra. In addition, this theme also offers 6 footer layouts, 5 single post layouts, and 6 archive layouts. The mega menu feature is also available in case you need it.

Ultra theme is packed with Themify Builder. This builder offers over 140 layouts to allow you to create more engaging content effortlessly. You can get the Ultra theme with a one-time purchase model, no need to spend monthly/yearly subscription fee to extend the use license.

14. The 7

The 7 is a great option if you are looking for a cheap WordPress theme. You can get this theme for only $39. This price includes premium plugins. In addition to WPBakery, this theme also includes Ultimate Addons (a WPBakery add-on), Slider Revolution, Go Pricing, and Convert Plus. This theme also comes with several header style options.

The 7 is especially a great theme if you need a theme to build a website for a client. This theme offers a white label feature, allowing you to replace the The 7 branding with your own branding. There are about 40 website demos offered by The 7, allowing you to instantly get a beautiful website in minutes. The 7 offers lifetime updates.

15. Monstroid2

Through Monstroid2 theme, Zemez invites you to explore the magic of Elementor. Monstroid2 is built exclusively for Elementor. Not just Elementor, this theme is also bundled with premium Elementor add-ons from the Jet family (JetElements and JetMenu). With those add-ons, you will be able to create beautiful content as well as a creative menu on your website. The theme package also includes over 500 pre-designed Elementor sections, as well as ready-to-use Elementor templates.

16. Imperion

Imperion is also developed by Zemez. This theme is also built specifically for Elementor. It offers website templates for coworking space, cryptocurrency, blog, finance, e-commerce, and presentation. With the same price as Monstroid2, Imperion offers more premium Elementor add-ons. In addition to JetElements and JetMenu, this theme also offers JetBlog, JetTabs, JetPopup, JetBlocks, JetTricks, and JetThemecore. Just for your information. These add-ons are sold separately by Crocoblock. With Imperion, you can use those add-ons with a single price.

If you need images to build your website, Imperion also offers with a set of free stock images (in a JPG format).

17. 24.Storycle

Another WordPress theme developed by Zemez. This theme will show you another magic of Elemnetor in which this page builder can also be used to create an online magazine. You can visit this page to see the online magazine demos created with WordPress+Elementor.

In addition to an online magazine, you can also use the 24.Storycle theme to create a blog and other dynamic website types. Same as Monstroid2 and Imperion, this theme is also bundled with premium add-ons from Crocoblock, including JetMenu to create a mega menu and JetBlocks to create the header and the footer. The 24.Storycle theme comes with 10 single pot layouts you can choose from. There are also 50 high-quality images as a bonus.

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