11 Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

Updated: September 26, 2020

Do you have an event organizer company and want to display your company’s events to your website? If your site is built with WordPress, you can use an event calendar plugin to add, manage, and display your company’s events. Just like other plugin types, there also a bunch of options when it comes to event calendar plugin. We have compiled the best ones to narrow down your choices.

Before choosing a certain event calendar plugin from the list below, make sure that the features offered by the associated plugin fit your needs. For instance, if you want to add a map to your events, make sure the plugin you want to use offers an option to add a map. Or, if you want to create a paid event, it would be great to choose an event calendar plugin that has the ability to accept payment on the registration process.

Here are some of the best WordPress event calendar plugins you can consider.

Best WordPress event calendar plugins

1. The Events Calendar

With over 800,000 active installations, The Events Calendar is one of the most popular WordPress event calendar plugins. The plugin is especially a great solution if you are looking for a free event calendar plugin. In general, the way The Events Calendar works is not much different from other plugins that involve custom post types. You can add a new event and assign it to a certain category and tag for better management.

The Events Calendar has built-in integration with Google Maps. When you add the event venue, the plugin will automatically generate the map to the frontend to make it easier for your visitors to find the venue. The plugin already provides a built-in Google Maps API key so you don’t need to set up yourself. Your visitors will be able to view your events in a list style or calendar style. There are also options to allows your visitors to add your calendar to Google Calendar. The Events Calendar is an extensible plugin. You can extend its functionality via add-ons.

You can visit this page to the demo of the plugin.

2. WP Event Manager Pro

Despite its name, you can use WP Event Manager Pro for free as the plugin is released as a freemium plugin. The core features of this plugin are pretty similar to The Events Calendar. You can add new events and add parameters like event category, event type, event location, event description, and so on to make your events be more organized. There are premade event categories and types you can choose from. Same as The Events Calendar, WP Event Manager Pro also has built-in integration with Google Maps although the map is not displayed on the event’s page. You will only see a link that refers to the map.

The free version of WP Event Manager Pro comes with a booking functionality to allow your visitors to make a booking to your event directly from the event’s page (via email only). To add a more advanced booking functionality, you can install an add-on. You can visit this page to view the demo page of WP Event Manager Pro.

3. JetEngine

When talking about the event calendar plugin, people rarely mention JetEngine. Make sense enough as JetEngine is not designed specifically as an event calendar plugin like the first two plugins above. Instead, it is a plugin to create custom post types, much like ACF (Advanced Custom Fields). However, JetEngine comes with a module that you can use to create a custom post type for the event calendar. What does it mean?

As we mentioned earlier (point 1), the way The Events Calendar works (and other similar plugins) is pretty similar to other plugins that utilize custom post types. In this case, you can use JetEngine to create a custom post type dedicated to events. You can add required fields like event title, event description, date, map, and so on. There are about 17 field types in total you can use. You can then create a listing page to display your events. JetEngine itself requires Elementor to work. You can visit this page to learn more about JetEngine.

4. EventPrime

EventPrime is a great solution if you are looking for a free event calendar to sell your events as it comes with payment functionality. The free version of EventPrime allows you to accept payment via PayPal. The plugin also comes with an integration with Google Maps to allow you to add a map to the event you create. However, the use of this plugin is a bit different. You need to create an event location first and then add the map here. You can then add the location you created when creating a new event. In EventPrime, the components related to the event (locations, event types, and performers) can be managed individually.

EventPrime allows your visitors to view the events in a list style, grid style, or calendar style. They can filter the events by event type, event location, or date. EventPrime is especially a great event calendar plugin if you use a page builder plugin as it allows you to display the events calendar using shortcodes.

5. Events Manager

Events Manager is another event calendar plugin that you can use for free. It takes some complex enough settings to make the plugin works the way you expected. But once you did it, Events Manager can be a great plugin to manage your events. This plugin allows you to add a map from Google Maps to your event (you need to configure the integration manually). Also, you can add booking functionality to your event.

6. Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar WD is an event calendar plugin developed by 10Web, the developer of Slider by 10Web (a slider plugin) and several other WordPress plugins. It is also released as a freemium plugin just like other plugins above. The way this plugin is pretty similar to EventPrime where you can manage the components like event location and even the organizer individually. This plugin also supports integration with Google Maps. You need to set it manually by entering your own Google Maps API key.

You can display the events you created with Event Calendar WD to a page builder or a regular page with a shortcode. The look of the calendar is not fancy enough if you use the free version.

7. My Calendar

My Calendar is another calendar plugin that can be used for free. This plugin is quite similar to EventPrime in some ways. First, you need to define locations first before you can add one when creating a new event. Second, you can also create event types (categories) to make your events be more organized. My Calendar also supports integration with Google Maps, but you need to provide the API key manually yourself.

8. EventON

EventON is a paid event calendar that you can get on CodeCanyon. In addition to its main function to create and manage events calendar, you can also use to host virtual events via Zoom just like many people did these days, in the COVID era. Being a paid plugin, EventON offers plenty of features to make event management be way easier. You can display the events calendar is a wide range of ways as you can see on this demo page.

Same as other plugins above, EventON also supports integration with Google Maps to allow you to add a map to each event you create. The availability of WordPress widgets and shortcodes make it easier for you to display your calendars to any page and other areas on your website.

9. Pro Event Calendar

Pro Event Calendar is another paid event calendar plugin that is available on CodeCanyon. You can get it at $29. The plugin is especially a great option if you are looking for an event calendar plugin that allows your users to submit an event from the frontend. Pro Event Calendar also comes with a booking functionality to let your visitors make a booking over an event from the event page. There is also a subscribe to calendar feature to allow your visitors to subscribe to a specific event. You can connect Pro Event Calendar with your Mailchimp account to use this feature.

10. Calendarize it!

Calendarize it! is another feature-rich event calendar plugin. It is especially a great plugin if you use WP Bakery. Once installed and activated, Calendarize it! adds several WP Bakery elements to display your events calendar on your WP Bakery pages. There are over 30 elements you can use to display Calendarize it! components. From the event calendar itself, event organizer, event location, rating and review box, ticket box, and so on. Also, Calendarize it! offers Gutenberg blocks in case you want to display events calendar to a blog post or a regular page.

You can try the Calendarize it! backend from this page. You can use the following details to log in to the backend demo:

  • Username: DemoUser
  • Password: TryMeNow

If the login info has changed, you can find the new one on this page.

11. Events Schedule

Want to sell your event tickets via WooCommerce? If yes then Events Schedule is a great plugin you can use. Events Schedule — which is available on CodeCanyon — is a feature-rich event calendar plugin. Not only it allows you to manage events, but also offers booking and ticketing features. Events Schedule is compatible with any WordPress theme, including the ones from ThemeForest like Jupiter X, Avada, X Theme, and so on. If you use Visual Composer page builder, Events Schedule offers a Visual Composer extension to allow you to effortlessly add your calendar to a Visual Composer-powered page.

Original posted on: September 26, 2020

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