4 Best WordPress Content Calendar Plugins

Whether you are a solo blogger or an online publishing company with multiple authors, it’s crucial enough to schedule the content to publish to hit the deadline on time. If your website is built with WordPress, you can use a content calendar to get the posts scheduled.

Using a content calendar can help boost productivity as you can focus on the next content that needs to be published. Of course, you can use apps like Microsoft To Do, Todoist, to TickTick to schedule your tasks list, but having your tasks list on the WordPress dashboard will make it way easier for you to access the schedules. Plus, a content calendar plugin usually comes with a post status feature to check the current status of a post (on progress, complete, etc.,).

Some content calendar plugins also come with a feature to assign a certain post to a user on your website, which is pretty useful for websites that have multiple authors.

Here are some of the best content calendar plugins you can install on your WordPress site.

1. Strive

Strive is a feature-rich content calendar plugin for WordPress. It is a perfect option for a WordPress website that has multiple authors. When scheduling content with Strive, you can assign it to an existing user on your website. Also, you can set pre-use parameters such as post category and post tags. You can also add a note to the post you want to schedule. Strive allows you to insert a draft to the post you want to schedule whereby the draft is pulled from the unpublished posts on your website.

To make sure your authors don’t miss any element when writing the content, you can create a checklist they can check before they click the publish button. The editorial status feature offered by the plugin allows you and your team can mark the status of the blog posts in four statuses: not started, writing, editing, complete. The pipeline feature allows you to check the statuses of the scheduled content on a single screen. Strive itself is a paid plugin. You have a chance to try the plugin for free for 30 days during the trial period.

Here are the key features offered by Strive:

  • Content calendar
  • Post status
  • Post checklist
  • Pipeline
  • Revision

2. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a cloud-based content calendar tool. It is not built exclusively for WordPress like Strive above. Instead, CoSchedule is a content calendar tool that can be used to schedule content in a wide range of forms. From social media content, email marketing, podcast, video, and so on. The developer of CoSchedule offers a plugin that you can install to your WordPress site to allow you to schedule the content creation. When scheduling a blog post with CoSchedule, you can also add pre-use parameters just like Strive above. You can also assign the blog post to a certain user on your website. However, there is no feature to mark the blog post status like Strive. Being a cloud-based tool, you can access the schedules from anywhere via web browser. Same as Strive, CoSchedule is also a paid tool.

3. SchedulePress

SchedulePress is a WordPress plugin from WPDeveloper, the developer company that develops Essential Addons, a popular Elementor add-on. SchedulePress was previously known as WP Scheduled Posts. SchedulePress has a content calendar feature which you can use to schedule posts. Unfortunately, it has no feature to assign a post to users like Strive. Also, there is no option to add post parameters or check the post status. So, it will extra effort to adopt SchedulePress for a team use.

4. Nelio Content

Looking for a content calendar plugin for a team use? Nelio Content is one of the plugins you can try, then. The plugin allows you to schedule posts just like other plugins above. To make your managerial job gets easier, the plugin comes with a feature to assign a post to an existing user on your WordPress site. Also, you can set the post category and add post tags to make the post task clearer before you users develop the content. You can also add reference links to the posts to make the job of your users easier.

Nelio Content also comes with a handy analysis feature similar to Yoast’s. You can use the feature to make sure everything related to post has been set. Such as the featured image and tag. You will also get some recommendations to make the post SEO friendly such as internal links, external links, and the content itself. Nelio Content is available as a freemium plugin. Basic post scheduling functionality is available on the free version.

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