5 Best Websites to Download Editable Illustrations for Free

If you have ever noticed, many websites on the internet use illustrations on their pages. Big agencies might have a dedicated design team handling the job of illustration creation. If you are a small agency or even a freelancer that have no such as dedicated design team, you can make use of the websites we will mention below to download editable illustrations for your website projects.

All websites we mention below allow you to download editable illustrations for free (mostly in SVG format). If you need to edit an illustration before you use it, you can use free online SVG editors such as Boxy SVG and Method Draw.

Here is the list of websites to download editable illustrations for free.

1. Designstripe

The first website you can go to if you need some free illustrations for your website is Designstripe. In addition to illustrations, the website also offers other design assets, including mockups. The illustration files are very well-arranged in Designstripe. You can filter them by category. There is also a search feature to make the illustration finding even easier.

Designstripe allows you to download the illustrations in an SVG file. However, you need to create an account first. Furthermore, Designstripe also offers a built-in editing tool to allow you to make basic adjustments such as changing the color of an object, changing the icon, and so on before you download an illustration.

2. Storyset

Storyset is another great website to download editable illustrations in the format of SVG. It also has an abundant collection of illustrations from a wide range of categories. There is a filtering feature to allow you to filter the illustrations by tag. The search feature also makes it easier to find illustration by a keyword. Unlike Designstripe, Storyset allows you to download an illustration without creating an account.

Important to note that Storyset requires you to give it a credit (mention) on the projects you use, unless you are a paid subscriber on Flaticon. Before downloading an illustration, you can also make basic adjustments much like Designstripe.

3. Illu-station

If you are looking for a website to download editable illustrations without complicated requirements, Illu-station might be a good fit. The website has around 500 illustrations which you can download in either PNG or SVG format. Before downloading an illustration, you can change the base color of the illustrations. No need to create an account to download an illustration.

4. unDraw

Same as Illu-station above, unDraw also allows you to change the base color of the illustrations before you seek for an item to download. Also, you can download an illustration without creating an account. You can even use the illustration you have downloaded — with or without modification — without giving unDraw a credit.

Most illustrations on unDraw contains human element. You can find them in the park, office, playing with animals, and so on. unDraw a great option to find an illustration image for a hero section of a web page.

5. ManyPixels

ManyPixels is another great website to download editable illustrations. Same as other websites above, the editable illustrations are also available in an SVG format so that you can edit them using free tools like Boxy SVG to Inkspace (desktop-based). ManyPixels offers about 2,500 illustrations. You can filter them by category and type. There is also a handy search feature you can make use of. You are allowed to use an illustration from ManyPixels without giving the website a credit. Also, no account is required to download an illustration.

The Bottom Line

You can easily find a website that uses illustration on its pages. The use of illustration — and other imagery types — can help strengthen the theme of a website. Not everyone has the ability — or time — to create illustration by their own, though. In such as a case, you can download the illustrations on the websites we have just mentioned above and make some adjustments before using them.

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