9 Best Websites to Download Divi Plugins

Divi Builder is a page builder that has an open ecosystem. It allows third-party developers to develop a plugin to enhance the functionality of the page builder. This is great since, by default, Divi Builder has only about 38 modules. The question is, where you can download Divi plugins?

With the limited modules offered by Divi Builder, the need for plugins is getting more crucial. Moreover, Divi Builder now has a Theme Builder feature, which broadens the use of Divi Builder itself. You can now use Divi Builder to create custom elements of your theme. From the header, the footer, the 404 page, the single post template, the category page, and so on.

With the functionality of the Divi Builder is getting more extensive, 38 modules are not enough. That is why you need a plugin. Commonly, a Divi plugin adds new modules to Divi Builder. For instance, the Before After Slider plugin will add a new module to allow you to add an image comparison (before-after) to the page you are working on.

Here are some websites you can go-to to download Divi plugins.

1. Divi Marketplace

As we said in the opening section, Divi Builder is a page builder plugin that has an open ecosystem. There are many WordPress developers that develop Divi plugins to enhance the functionality of Divi Builder. They mostly release their Divi plugins as paid items. The problem is that not all developers know how to market their products. In early 2020, Elegant Themes released Divi Marketplace, a place where Divi creators can market their products. While plugin developers can sell their products here, regular users can discover and buy the plugins they need. In addition to plugins, you can also get other Divi products like child themes and layouts.

2. Divi Cake

Divi Cake is a marketplace dedicated to Divi folks. Much like CodeCanyon and Themeforest, but specifically sells products for Divi. There are three product types you can download from this website: Divi child themes, Divi layouts, and Divi plugins. Divi Cake is a marketplace, meaning that the products available on this website are not provided by a single developer. You can explore Divi plugins developed by many developers here. The Divi plugins available on Divi Cake are very well-organized. You can find a plugin by price and tag.

3. Divi Plugins

Just like the name suggests, Divi Plugins is a website where you can download the Divi plugins. Divi Plugins is not a marketplace. All plugins available on this website are provided by a single developer. Not all plugins are paid. There are also some plugins that you can download for free. Indeed Jobs is one of which. This plugin allows you to display jobs from Indeed based on the search options that you set in the module.

4. Divi Booster

Same as Divi Plugins, Divi Booster is not a marketplace like Divi Cake. All Divi plugins available on this website are provided by a single developer. This website offers several Divi plugins, including Divi LearnDash Kit that you can use to integrate LearnDash with Divi Builder. Divi Booster also offers Divi Module Mate, which available for free. This module adds more than 30 modules to your Divi, allowing you to unleash your creativity with Divi Builder without spending extra money.

5. Elegant Marketplace

Elegant Marketplace is a bit similar to Divi Cake. It is a marketplace where you can find the Divi plugins from a wide range of developers instead of a single developer. Same as Divi Cake, Elegant Marketplace doesn’t specifically offer Divi plugins. Instead, it also offers Divi layouts and Divi child themes. In addition to paid plugins, you can also find free plugins on this website.

6. Divi Space

Divi Space is popular enough in the Divi community. It’s mentioned a couple of times in the official blog of Elegant Themes. Divi Space is not a marketplace. It is a project of a company named Aspen Grove Studios. In addition to Divi plugins, this website also offers Divi child themes as well as Divi courses. There are about 23 Divi plugins developed by Divi Space. All are paid. Divi Space adopts a similar business model to Elegant Themes where you can download all of the plugins and child themes by becoming a subscriber that costs $199 per year (or $449 with a lifetime membership).

7. Divi Life

One of the features that still absent from Divi Builder is a popup builder. If you need this feature, Divi Overlays is one of the plugins you can install. This plugin is available on Divi Life for $24 per site. In addition to Divi Overlays, you can also download other Divi plugins including Divi Bar to create a notification bar and Divi Mega Pro to create a mega menu to your website. While you can buy those plugins individually, Divi Life also offers a membership model to allow you to download all products available on the Divi Life website. In addition to Divi plugins, Divi Life also offers Divi child themes and Divi layouts. Divi Life itself is a project by a Texas-based developer team called Tim Strifler.

8. Divi Extended

Divi Extended is a business unit of a company named Elicus Technologies Private Limited. It does not specifically offer Divi plugins. Instead, you can also download Divi child themes from this website. At the time of writing, there are 7 Divi plugins offered by Divi Extended, including Divi Plus that adds 5 extra modules to your Divi Builder.

9. Divi Engine

Divi Engine is a project by a group of developers who have been using Divi for years. There are 5 Divi plugins developed by this team: Divi WooCommerse that you can use to build an e-commerce website, Divi Mobile that you can use to create a better mobile menu on your website, Divi Nitro to help fasten your Divi powered website, Divi Mega Menu to create a mega menu on your website, and Divi Protect that allows you to password-protect a Divi section. All of those plugins are sold separately. Interestingly, Divi Engine offers a free trial for all of those plugins.

Final words

Divi Builder is a great page builder plugin for WordPress. Unfortunately, it comes with limited enough modules. Only 38. Way fewer than, for instance, Elementor which offers about 90 modules (pro version). Thankfully, Divi Builder has an open enough ecosystem that allows third-party developers to develop plugins to fill out the void left by Divi Builder. A Divi plugin can enhance the functionality of the Divi Builder by providing additional modules or additional setting options. Anytime you need a Divi plugin, the websites above are great places to go to.

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