How to Use White Label Feature in Jupiter X Theme

Looking for a WordPress theme for client websites? Jupiter X is one of the best options. The main reason is that this theme comes with a white label feature that allows you to legally replace all of the Jupiter X attributes on the WordPress dashboard with your brand attributes. You can replace attributes like the Jupiter X logo, Jupiter X label menu, and Jupiter X menu icon. This feature is pretty cool if you want to create a website for a client. By replacing the Jupiter X attributes with your brand attributes, the theme will look as if you had created it.

Here are the attributes you can replace:

  • Control Panel Logo
  • Text Occurrence
  • Menu Icon

How to Use the White Label Feature in Jupiter X Theme

Before being able to replace an attribute, you need to enable the white label feature first. To do so, go to Jupiter X -> Control Panel. Click the Settings tab and scroll down to the White Label toggle to enable the white label feature.

After enabling the white label feature, you can control which panel pages you want to enable or disable.

Replacing the Control Panel Logo

By default, you will see the Jupiter X logo on the header section of the Jupiter X control panel. You can start the rebranding process by changing this logo. You can change the logo by clicking the URL field on the Control Panel Logo section. Click the Upload button to upload your logo. You can use one of the following image formats: SVG, PNG, and JPG. While the recommended image dimension is 120×50.

Replacing the Text Occurrence

The white label feature of Jupiter X theme also allows you to replace all of the “Jupiter X” texts within the entire WordPress dashboard, including the menu label.

To do so, simply type your preferred text to replace the “Jupiter X” text on the Text Occurrence field.

Replacing the Menu Icon

Menu icon is an icon next to the menu label. By default, you see a star icon next to the menu label.

You can replace the default start icon with one of the dash icons available in WordPress. Visit this page to see the available icons. Select an icon you like (by clicking it) and copy the class name.

Paste the class name to the Menu Icon field.

Make sure to click the Save Settings button to apply the changes you have made.

Furthermore, you can also disable the Help links in the Jupiter X control panel and theme Customizer. You can also disable the Help menu to prevent your client from accessing the Jupiter X support page.

Hiding the Settings tab in the Control Panel

For the complete rebranding, you can also hide the option to enable the white label feature. You can do so by hiding the Settings tab on the Jupiter X control panel. By hiding this tab, your client won’t be able to access the option to disable/enable the white label feature. You need to change the WordPress configuration to hide the Settings tab. So open the wp-config.php file then add the following line.


Here is the example of the placement of the line above.

Crucial to note that after adding the line above to the wp-config.php file, you won’t be able to access the Jupiter X Settings page on the theme panel as well. You can revert it back by changing the “false” option to “true” on the configuration line.


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