How to Use Notes in Elementor

You have many options of tools to collaborate with teammates and clients on a website project. From an old-fashioned tool like email to a more modern tool like Notion. However, it would be great if you could collaborate with your teammates and clients right within the site builder tool you use to create the website. Elementor has made it possible for you doing so with the release of Elementor Pro version 3.7. The version includes a brand-new collaboration feature called Notes.

As the name suggests, the Notes feature of Elementor allows you to leave a note to your teammates or clients. You can add a note to an element within the Elementor editor with the aim to ask your teammates to make a change. To make it clear who you ask to make the changes, you can mention the username of your teammates. Here is the sneak peek of the feature.

How to Use the Notes of Elementor

The Notes feature is available in Elementor Pro version 3.7. So, to use it, you need to upgrade your Elementor Pro to this version first. After upgrading, you will see a new item called Notes when clicking the hamburger icon on the settings panel of Elementor. You can find hamburger icon on the top-left corner of the Elementor editor.

After clicking the Notes menu above, you will be taken to the preview mode of Elementor and you will see a pin icon. Point the icon to an element you want to leave the note on and click on it. Simply type your note on the appearing box and click the Leave a Note button once done writing. You can mention an existing username on your WordPress site by typing the “@” symbol. Typing this symbol will show the list of users on your WordPress site.

To check the notes left by your teammates/clients, you can simply open the Notes panel as we have described above.

A little note. The Notes feature is not available for all users by default. In order to make the users can access the feature, you need to give them the permission first. To do so, go to Users –> All Users on your WordPress dashboard. Select a user you want to give access the Notes feature to and click the Edit link.

Scroll to the Elementor Notes section and tick the Allow user to access the Notes feature. option.

Don’t forget to click the Update User button to apply the change. From now on, the user will be able to access the Notes feature from the Elementor editor as we have covered above.

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