How to Use the Live Copy Feature of Happy Addons

Happy Addons comes with several features to save you much time in creating a page or template. One of which Live Copy. How to use this feature? Read on.

One thing to know before you use the Live Copy feature offered by Happy Addons. The add-on comes with over 50 widgets and it offers demo styles for each widget they offer. To make it clear, you can visit the demo page of the Team Member widget here. As you can see, there are about 10 different styles of the widget. On the right side of each style, you see a floating Live Copy button.

If you find a demo style appealing enough, you can copy it to the page or template you are working on. Simply click the Live Copy button on the demo style you want to copy and paste it to the page or template you are working on (right-click on the canvas area and select Live Paste).

Once the style is copied, you can go to the left panel to replace the default content (text and image).

In the context of Elementor, the Live Copy feature offered by Happy Addons is useful enough. As you know, one of the most time-consuming parts when working on a page or template with Elementor is customizing a widget.

Note: Live Copy feature is available on the pro version of Happy Addons

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