How to Use JetPopup Plugin

JetPopup is a WordPress plugin to create popups. Or more precisely, it is an Elementor add-on. JetPopup is a premium Elementor add-on from Crocoblock. You can use it as an alternative to the native Popup Builder of Elementor. To use JetPopup, you need to spend a $22 yearly subscription fee.

Overall, the features offered by JetPopup are not much different from the built-in Popup Builder of Elementor. JetPopup also supports a wide range of triggers. You can display a popup when a visitor clicks a button or hovers on a widget. You can also display a popup by page load or page scroll.

How to Use JetPopup

You can use JetPoup to create several popup types like an email subscription form, special offer banners to a cookie policy confirmation. JetPopup offers tens of popup templates to save you time in creating a popup. You can also create a popup from scratch in case you want to create a completely unique popup.

If you use MailChimp, you can also integrate JetPopup with your MailChimp account to create an email subscription form popup. To integrate JetPopup with MailChimp, you can go to JetPopup -> Settings. Enter your MailChimp API key and click the Save button.

Create a Popup from a Template

As mentioned, JetPoup offers tens of popup templates you can choose from. You can use a template if you have no idea about the design concept of the popup you want to create, or you simply have not much time to create a popup from scratch.

To create a popup from a template, go to JetPopup – > Preset Library on your WordPress dashboard to open the popup library of JetPopup. On the popup library, select a template you want to use and click the Install button. You can filter the templates by category.

After clicking the Install button, you will be directed to the Elementor editor. You can edit the content of the popup or customize it from the Elementor editor. Once done, you can then set how the popup appears on your website.

  • Set the Display Condition

To set the display condition, you can open the Popup Settings by clicking the gear icon on the lower-left corner. Set the display condition on the MANAGER button next to the Display Conditions option under the Settings block.

  • You can set whether you want to display the popup on the entire website or certain page/post only. Click the Add Condition button to set the display condition. End by clicking the Save Conditions button.
  • Set the Event

After setting the display condition, you can set how your popup should show up. You can do so from the Settings block on the Popup Settings. Set the event by clicking the dropdown menu on the Open event option. You can also set the entrance animation by clicking the dropdown menu on the Animation option.

Once you are done setting the display condition and the event, click the PUBLISH button.

  • Display the Popup on a Button Click

JetPopup also allows you to display a popup after a visitor clicks a button or widget. To do so, edit a page/post with Elementor. Add the Button widget (or edit an existing one if the page has a button). To edit an existing button, you can hover your mouse over the button and click the pencil icon.

Once the Button widget is active, go to the Advanced tab on the left panel and open the JetPopup option. Select a popup you want to display by clicking the dropdown menu on the Attached Popup section and set the trigger (button click on this case) by clicking the dropdown menu on the Trigger Type section.

Click the UPDATE button to apply the new change.

Create a Popup from Scratch

If you want to create a completely unique popup, you can create a popup from scratch instead of from a template. To get started, go to JetPopup -> Create New Popup on your WordPress dashboard. Give your popup a name and click the Edit with Elementor button to edit the popup with Elementor.

You will be directed to the Elementor editor after clicking the button. Edit the content by adding the widgets you want and customize the popup. Once you are done, you can open the Popup Settings to set the display condition as well as the event as you did when creating a popup from a template we have covered above.

Final Words

JetPopup is a great tool to create popups on your WordPress site. It is an Elementor add-on. You can create your popups via the visual editor of Elementor. JetPopup comes with a popup library hosting tens of popup templates. It can be a great alternative to the Elementor’s native Popup Builder.

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