How to Use the Header Template from Other Skins on Monstroid2

Monstroid2 is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It’s Elementor-based. Monstroid2 is especially a great theme for those love using Elementor, yet lazy enough to upgrade to the pro version since Elementor accepts only subscription-based payment model. One of the features offered by Monstroid2 is skin. A Monstroid2 skin itself is pretty similar to an Elementor template kit. It is a set of templates with a consistent design concept. The templates on a Monstroid2 skin include a header template.

At the time of writing, Monstroid2 has had 65 skins. According to its developer, Monstroid2 skin is updated weekly, meaning that you have a new skin each week. Each Monstroid2 skin has a unique header template and you can use the header template from other skins, on the current skin.

For instance, you have Skillogica skin on your website and find the header template of Agentas skin looks cooler. In this case, you can import the header template of Agentas and use it on Skillogica. To do so, open the library manager (Monstroid2 -> My Library). Go to the Header tab and click the Add New button to add a new template.

Give your new header template a name and click the Create Template button.

Click the Magic button and select the header under the Headers tab. Click the Insert button to open it in the Elementor editor.

Next, click the gear icon on the bottom-left corner on the left panel to open the Header Settings. Open the Conditions option and set the display condition from the dropdown menu on the General.

If you want your new header template to show up on all pages within your website, simply select Entire Site. Conversely, if you want your new header template to show up on the certain page(s) or post(s), select Singular and specify the page(s) and post(s).

Publish the template by clicking the PUBLISH button to apply your new header template.

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