Unable to Edit Footer in Elementor? Here is How to Fix It

There are some potential technical issues you will face when working with Elementor. One of which, you might won’t be able to edit your template as the editor doesn’t show up as usual.

Today, we were working on a footer for one of the template kit projects we are working on. Normally, you can go to Templates -> Theme Builder and click the Footer tab to create a new footer. Everything went well at first. But, as we clicked the Add New button and select one of the available Elementor templates on the template library, the Elementor editor didn’t show up.

We tried several things from disabling and re-enabling the Elementor plugin to creating a new footer template. Nothing worked. So how to fix this problem?

Turns out, the problem above is caused by the theme we use. At the moment the problem happened, we used Mitra Version: 1.0.1. Once we switched to Twenty Seventeen, everything back to normal.

If you are experiencing the same problem, try to do the same thing we did. First off, go to Appearance -> Themes.

Hover your mouse over one of the available themes on your site and click the Activate button to activate it.

Now, try to create a new footer or create an existing one.

Final Words

Mitra itself is a free theme developed by a developer named Manesh Timilsina. In addition to Mitra, the developer also developed several WordPress themes that are released for free. We tried another free theme, Agency Plus, and tested out if we can create a custom footer. Everything went well with Agency Plus.

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