Tumpak Sewu Divi Single Post Template

Are you creating a WordPress blog with Divi ? If yes, you can make use of its theme builder to create the custom single post template for your blog. If you run out of design idea, you can start from a premade template. Tumpak Sewu is a custom single post you can take a look at.

The template is created using Divi Theme Builder. Meaning that you can import it if you have a Divi-powered WordPress website. Tumpak Sewu is designed with the focus on reading experience. There are no unnecessary elements added to the template. If you want to encourage your readers to focus on your content, then Tumpak Sewu is a perfect template.

How to Import the Template

The template kit was exported from the Divi Builder editor. So, you need to import it from the Divi Builder editor as well.

First, go to Divi -> Theme Builder on your WordPress dashboard and add a template set by clicking the plus button. Select where you want to assign it.

Once the template is added, click Add Custom Body -> Built Custom Body. This will take you to the Divi Builder editor where you can create the template.

On the Divi Builder editor, click Portability icon (the two-row icon). On the appearing dialog, go to the Import tab and click the NO FILE SELECTED button to select the JSON file of custom template you want to import. End by clicking the Import Divi Builder Layout button.

Make the adjustments as per your needs. Once done, click the Save button on the bottom-right corner to apply the changes and click the X icon on the top-right corner to close the Divi Builder editor. Lastly, click the Save Changes button on the Theme Builder screen.

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