The Explorer Elementor Single Post Template

Are you looking for a single post template for your Elementor-powered WordPress blog? If yes, you might want to take a look at The Explorer.

The Explorer is a single post template for Elementor. You can import it if you use the pro version of Elementor as the template is created using the Theme Builder feature of Elementor Pro. The template adopts a sidebarless approach — which is great if you want to offer a convenient reading experience on your blog. If you want to display a banner ad (e.g., Google AdSense), the template offers a space which you can find beneath the content area.

Furthermore, there is also an email opt-in form which you can use to collect email addresses. You can connect the form an email marketing plugin or service of your choice.

Importing the Template

First thing first, make sure you have installed and activated the Elementor Pro plugin on your WordPress blog. Next, you can download the template file by clicking the Download button above. Extract downloaded ZIP file to get the JSON file of the template.

Once you got the JSON file, go to Theme Builder page (Templates -> Theme Builder) and click the plus icon on the Single Post label on the left panel.

The template library window will appear when you click the plus icon above. Click the top arrow icon followed by SELECT FILE button to select the JSON file of the template.

Wait a moment until the importing process is done. Next, find your template on the My Templates tab. To load to the Elementor editor, you can click the Insert button.

You can modify the template when necessary once it is loaded to the Elementor editor. Once done, publish it by clicking the PUBLISH button on the settings panel. On the appearing dialog window, add a display condition and click the SAVE & CLOSE button.

Pro Tips

When creating a custom single post template using Elementor Theme Builder, you can use the Post Content widget to customize the content of your WordPress website. However, the widget can only be used to customize the paragraph element. If you want to customize the heading elements as well, you can do so from Site Settings.

To access Site Settings, you can click the hamburger icon on the top-left corner on the Elementor settings panel and select Site Settings.

Next, click the Typography menu.

As you can see, there are several elements you can customize here, including the heading elements. As you have customized the paragraph element via the Post Content widget, you don’t need to make any change on the Body settings block on Site Settings.

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