Temu Daring Video Chat App Elementor Landing Page Template

Temu Daring is an Elementor template designed to create a landing page of a video chat app website. You can import the template to crate the landing page of your chat app — or other app types. The template can be imported directly from the Elementor editor by clicking the folder icon on the canvas area. No need to install an extra WordPress plugin.

Also, installing a third-party Elementor add-on is not required as the template uses the native Elementor widgets only. However, you will need to install and activate Elementor Pro in case you haven’t done so as some widgets used on the template are only available on Elementor Pro. In addition, the CSS snippets added to some widgets will only work if you use Elementor Pro.

The template has been optimized for all screen sizes thanks to the built-in responsive editing feature offered by Elementor. So, you don’t need to worry about the look of your page on smaller devices such as tablet and smartphone. Feel free to preview the template first before you download it.

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