Penanggungan Blog Page Template for Elementor

Penanggungan is an Elementor template designed specifically for a blog page. The template is perfect if you have a static homepage and want to create a dedicated blog page to display the blog posts on your website.

Elementor has a Posts widget which you can use to display the posts on your WordPress site. It offers plenty of options to style up the post feed. Also, you can set the query to filter the posts to be displayed. You can include or exclude articles on your website.

The Penanggungan blog page template starts with a heading section as well as a search form on top section. This section is aimed at making it easy for your visitors to find a blog post on your website. Beneath this section is a section that displays the latest blog post. You can edit the query to use this section to display a featured blog post if you want to. A little CSS snippet is added to this section to a custom shape for the featured image.

On the third section, you will find all blog posts displayed using the Posts widget. Since the latest post already displayed on the upper section, you can exclude it on this section by utilizing the offset option.

A little CSS snippet is also added on this section to add a hover effect on post title on each post item. Feel free to download the template and import it on your website.

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