Multiple Simple White Email Opt-in Popup Template for Elementor

The Elementor Form Builder feature allows you to create a wide range of form types. One of which is an email opt-in form which you can use to collect email addresses of your visitors before you can send email newsletters (or other campaigns) to them. When creating an email opt-in form, it is necessary to add additional fields to collect more data types, name in particular.

By storing names, you will be able to send personalized newsletters, which is a better practice in email marketing. Multiple Simple White is an email opt-in popup template for Elementor designed to prompt email address and name of your visitors. You can connect the form on the popup with Mailpoet, MailerLite, ConverKit, and other email marketing tools of your choice.

Multistep Simple White is the advanced version of Simple White.

After importing the popup template, you can edit the popup with Elementor to set the trigger type and display conditions. While you can use any trigger type, we suggest you use the On Page Load. It would be better to give a delay (e.g., 60 seconds or longer) to give your readers a chance to read your content first. Displaying a popup on initial page load is bad practice. Always put user experience on the emphasis.

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