Abata Conference Elementor Landing Page Template

Abata is a landing page built with Elementor. If you use Elementor on your WordPress-based website, you can import the template to create a landing page more quickly. The Elementor template is designed specifically to create a conference landing page, but you are free to use it on any type of landing page by editing the content.

The Abata landing page template uses the native Elementor widgets only (Free and Pro). No need to install an extra add-on to import it. Also, the template is available in a JSON format so that you don’t need to install an extra WordPress plugin to import it. Simply extract the ZIP file after downloading the template to get the JSON file and click the folder icon on the canvas area of the Elementor editor to import the template.

At the last section of the template, you will find a pricing table aimed at selling tickets, complete with the CTA button. If you want to sell your tickets using Elementor, you can replace the button using either the PayPal Button widget or Stripe Button widget.

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