How to Add a Skype Button in Elementor

Updated: October 8, 2022

The pro version of Elementor comes with a feature that allows you to create an actionable button and connect it with a third-party service. One of the third-party services you can connect the button with is Skype. The feature is useful if you want to create a landing page whereby you need to add a call-to-action button. When it comes to Skype, there are five action types you can set to:

  • Make a call
  • Start a chat
  • Show Skype profile
  • Add to contact
  • Send a voice mail

In this article, we will show you how to create an actionable Skype button in Elementor. Before getting started, make sure you have upgraded your Elementor to the pro version in case you haven’t done so. You can get Elementor Pro (starting at $49 per month) on its official website. In case you are new to Elementor, we have a separate article that covers how to use Elementor. You can read it to learn more.

First, add the Button widget to the canvas area of the Elementor editor.

On the settings panel, click the dynamic icon on the Link field on the Button block under the Content tab. Select Contact URL.

Next, click the wrench icon on the Contact URL field and select Skype. Add your username ( and select the action you want to set on the Action option.

You can customize the Button to make it match your page design. You can go to the Style tab on the settings panel to style up the button. Once you are done customizing the button and editing your page, you can publish or update your page.

In addition to the Button widget, you can also set an actionable button using the Call to Action widget of Elementor. Or if you want to add an actionable anchor text instead of button, you can also do so using the Text widget.

The Bottom Line

You can use Elementor to create any type of page on your WordPress site, including a landing page. When you create a landing page using Elementor (pro version), you can add an actionable button and connect it with a third-party service. In addition to Skype, you can also connect the button with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Google Calendar, and so on.

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