Free Elementor Template Kit: Shared Workspace

Shared workspace is a crucial enough component of the startup ecosystem. It is an ideal place for startups and freelancers to work. In the urban areas in many countries, the existence of a shared workspace or coworking space is something common.

In case you have a shared workspace business and want to create a new website for it or want to redesign your existing website, we have just created an Elementor template kit designed specifically for shared workspaces which you can download for free!. This template kit consists of 8 templates:

Click the button below to see the demo of the Shared Workspace template kit.

How to use the Shared Workspace template kit

You can download the ZIP file of the template kit on the form we provided on the end section of this article. After downloading the ZIP file, extract it and you should get a new folder consisting of 8 JSON files. You can import each JSON file to import each template. Read this article to learn more about how to import an Elementor template. Elementor also allows you to import multiple templates at once via a ZIP file in case you want to import all templates at once.

We use JetTabs add-on to add the image accordion element to the homepage and the about page. If you already have an Elementor add-on that has a widget to add image accordion, you can replace the image accordion element on the homepage and the about page yourself using your add-on.

Two fonts we use on this template are not available in Elementor by default. You can download them for free on Google Fonts. Read here to learn how to install a custom font in Elementor.

Another plugin you need to install is Yoast. You need to install Yoast in order to make the breadcrumbs element to appear on some pages on the template kit. If you don’t need the breadcrumbs element, you can ignore installing Yoast.

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