How to Set Space Between Paragraphs in WordPress

Have you ever felt in a condition when you’re comfortable with your WordPress theme, but there is a minor thing that you want to change but you can’t? This article might be helpful for you if you want to customize the space between paragraphs. By default, the paragraph spacing is determined by the WordPress theme you use on your site. But, sometimes, the space between paragraphs is unsuitable for our site needs.

This tutorial will show you how easy to set space between paragraphs in WordPress.

How to Set Space Between Paragraphs in WordPress

Option One (Elementor Site Settings)

Using Elementor to build your WordPress site, you must be familiar with the Site Settings feature. But if you’re new to Elementor, we will show you how to access it. Select any content (page/ post), then click the Edit with Elementor button to open the Elementor editor. Afterward, click the hamburger icon (☰) on the upper left corner of the Elementor settings panel and click on Site Settings.

Once you enter the Site Settings panel, navigate to Typography and click on it. On the Typography, you will see some settings; go to the Paragraph Spacing and set the value by sliding the toggle or entering numbers on the field.

Note: To see the changes in paragraph spacing as live, add some paragraphs to your Elementor editor using the Text Editor widget.

Once you’ve finished setting the paragraph spacing, apply the change by clicking the UPDATE button.

Option Two (Add the CSS on Theme Customizer)

First, before we start the tutorial for this option, please remove the paragraph spacing value if you’ve already applied the paragraph spacing on option one (Elementor Site Settings). Because if you don’t remove it, this method (Option two) can’t work correctly.

Alright, now we move to the second option. Unlike the first option, this option doesn’t need any plugins. We will add the simple CSS snippet into the Additional CSS field. There are two ways to access the Additional CSS.

  1. WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS
  2. Preview your content (page/post) -> Customize -> Additional CSS

If you use a block theme, you can read out post here to learn how enable theme customizer.

Once you enter the Additional CSS, please copy the simple CSS snippet below and paste it into the Additional CSS field.

{margin: 10px 5px 25px 5px
The margin is set to all four sides of 20 pixels.

The CSS snippet we give you above is a set margin for all four sides (top, right, bottom, left). But if you want to set the margin differently for each side, you can use the CSS snippet below:

The margin property has four values

Once you finish adding the CSS snippet, apply it by clicking the PUBLISH button.

The Bottom Line

This tutorial shows you how to set space between paragraphs in WordPress using two methods. As we already know, writing on a website differs from writing papers, letters, or books we learned at school. We don’t have to stick to the formal things on the website, including paragraph spacing. Feel free to play around with paragraph spacing values based on your site needs.

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