How to Remove Unwanted Space on the Elementor Text Editor Widget

Some Elementor users experience an issue with the Text Editor widget. They find an unwanted space at the bottom of the widget after adding the widget to the canvas area. Although the issue doesn’t affect the design at large as you can fix it by setting the bottom margin, it is quite annoying.

How to fix the issue?

First thing first, here is the screenshot of the issue.

As you can see, there is a white space — about 20 pixels — at the bottom side of the widget. There are two options you can choose to fix the issue.

Option One

First, drag the Text Editor widget to the canvas area just like usual. Next, go to the settings panel. On the Text Editor area, switch to the Text mode.

Delete the last character (dot) and you should see the space gone.

The method above only works for the current Text Editor widget. When you add a new Text Editor widget, the space will revert back.

Option Two

This is a better option if you really want to remove the unwanted space on the Text Editor widget on your website. First, login to your WordPress dashboard and go to theme customizer (Appearance -> Customize).

Open the Additional CSS block on theme customizer panel.

Paste the following CSS snippet and click the Publish button to apply it.

The code:

p:last-child {
margin-bottom: 0;

The code above tells Elementor to set the default bottom margin of the Text Editor to 0 pixels. So, every time you add a new Text Editor widget to the canvas area, the bottom margin will be set to 0 pixels (no space).

The Bottom Line

The Text Editor widget of Elementor is aimed at adding a longer text to your design. It is perfect to be used on a certain section on your design that requires an extra description. You can apply some stylings to the text, including applying a gradient text if you like gradient.

If you find your Text Editor widget has an unwanted space after you add it to the canvas area, you can fix it using one of the methods above.

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Aliko Sunawang

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