22 Best Premium Add-ons for Elementor

By default, Elementor offers 30 widgets (or 90+ if you use the pro version) that you can use to build your website. Widgets like Form, Nav Menu, Posts, and Social Icons are already provided by Elementor. If the default widgets are not enough for you, you can install Elementor add-ons to get extra widgets. There are many WordPress developers that develop premium Elementor add-ons to enhance your experience in using Elementor.

What is an Elementor add-on?

An Elementor add-on is a set of widgets developed by a third-party developer. Some add-ons offer unique widgets that are not offered by Elementor yet, while some offer the widgets that are already offered by Elementor but come with different setting options. Some premium Elementor add-ons (such as JetElements) also come with premade templates. In addition to widgets, some add-ons also add extra setting options and functionalities to Elementor.

We have compiled the best premium Elementor add-ons. Here is the list.

Best General Premium Elementor Add-ons

1. Essential Addons

It’s safe enough to say Essential Addons is the most popular Elementor add-on. According to the stat on, the add-on has over one million active installations. Essential Addons — as the name suggests — offers the essential Elementor widgets that you can use on your Elementor design. Be it a page or custom template. Some widgets have the similar functionalities as the native Elementor widgets, but they offer more advanced capabilities.

For instance, Essential Addons has a widget called Google Map, which is aimed at adding a map from Google Maps. Elementor, as you know, also has a widget with the same functionality called Google Maps. However, the native Google Maps widget can only be used to add a basic, single map. While the Google Map widget from Essential Addons allows you to add a map with multiple locations, a 360-degree virtual tour, and several other map times.

In addition to widgets, Essential Addons also offers some extra features to allow you achieve more with Elementor, including the ability to password-protect a page, show/hide an element (section, column, and widget), and add custom filter.

Here are the widgets offered by Essential Addons (Free and Pro).

Creative ButtonData TableContact Form 7
Info BoxPost BlockTypeform
Advanced TabsDynamic GalleryWPForms
ToggleAdvanced Data TableMailchimp
Sticky VideoPost CarouselFluent Forms
Team MemberCountdownLogin Register Form
Dual Color HeadingProgress BarGravity Form
Feature ListProtected ContentFormstack
Testimonial SliderInteractive CardsTwitter Feed
Event CalendarImage ScrollerLearnDash Course List
TestimonialFancy TextTwitter Feed Carousel
TooltipInteractive PromoInstagram Feed
OffcanvasImage ComparisonFacebook Feed
Static ProductOne Page NavigationBetterDocs Category Grid
Simple MenuInteractive CircleBetterDocs Category Box
Flip BoxFilterable GalleryBetterDocs Search Form
Advanced AccordionCounterProduct Grid
Advanced MenuFlip CarouselWoo Checkout
Team Member CarouselImage HotspotsWoo Product Collections
Advanced SearchImage AccordionWoo Cart
Post GridLightbox & ModalWoo Product Slider
Content TickerLogo CarouselWoo Product Compare
Smart Post ListDividerWoo Product Carousel
Post TimelineCall to ActionWoo Product Gallery
Advanced Google MapPricing Table
Content TimelinePrice Menu

2. Exclusive Addons

Exclusive Addons is a trusted Elementor add-on that powers up your ability to create top-notch designs for your WordPress site.

The freemium plugin is highly rated and has a lot of positive reviews from its users. Their free version has a lot more than basics. It comes with 40+ functional elements & extensions, essential to building a workable website. That includes Widgets, Extensions, Templates, Blocks, and a custom Icon Library. Yes, Exclusive Addons is among the few Elementor add-ons that have their own custom icon library. That’s a lot you can get from a free version of a plugin.

Meanwhile, the pro version opens the door for you to the world of 50+ premium widgets & extensions, along with premium templates and premium updates. Switching to the Exclusive Addons Pro, you will be able to build websites with the most advanced features.

Exclusive Addons is a lightweight and super-fast plugin that will help to speed up your page loading speed. The incredible customizable option gives you full control over the elements and their styles you use in your web design.

In the design area, the plugin comes with 23+ pre-built templates and over 800 readymade blocks to provide versatile design ideas to create sophisticated websites.

It is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. With the Live Preview and Inline Editing feature, You can see the real-time preview as you make the changes.
Overall, if you are looking for an all-in-one solution to build websites with Elementor, you can easily go with the Exclusive Addons.

Here are the widgets & Extensions offered by Exclusive Addons (pro and free)

Post CarouselWoo CartAuthor Box
News Ticker ProBreadcrumbWoo Category
Comparison TableWoo Mini CartCookie Consent
Demo PreviewerAnimated ShapeIcon Box
Image HotspotMailchimpOff-Canvas
SliderSource CodeNavigation Menu
Lottie AnimationMega MenuImage Carousel
Content SwitcherImage MaskTestimonial Carousel
Glassmorphism EffectHeader FooterCross-Site Copy Paste
StickySite TaglinePage Title
Woo ProductGravity FormGravity Form
Modal PopupAccordionAnimated Text
Call To ActionPost GridCOVID-19
Filterable GalleryGoogle MapImage Magnifier
Logo CarouselPricing MenuProgress Bar
TestimonialList GroupGoogle Review
Filterable PostSection ParallaxAnd many more

3. JetElements

JetElements, one of the premium Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock

JetElements is a premium Elementor add-on developed by Crocoblock. It can be a perfect addition to your Elementor Pro, especially if you use Instagram to promote your services or products. JetElements offers a widget called Instagram which allows you to add your Instagram feed to your WordPress site. You can display your Instagram feed whether on the homepage, sidebar, about page or anywhere on your website. JetElements is also a great add-on to build a company website as it comes with the Team Member widget, allowing you to display your team members in a unique style.

There are 44 widgets offered by JetElements in total:

Bar ChartDropbarTable
Interactive Animated BoxPostsVideo Player
Section ParallaxImage LayoutPrice List
ProductsBannerTeam Member
Top ProductsImage ComparisonVertical Timeline
Best SellersAdvanced CarouselCountdown Timer
Sale ProductsSliderCircle Progress
Featured ProductsPortfolioAnimated Text
Recent ProductsPricing TableAnimated Box
Download ButtonServicesPie Chart
WeatherHeadlineProgress Bar
Contact Form 7Advanced MapScroll Navigation
ButtonAudio PlayerInline SVG
InstagramHorizontal TimelineLogo Showcase
Subscribe FormTestimonials

As you can see on the list above. Some of the widgets offered by JetElements are basically already available on Elementor, but they offer different setting options. For instance, the Posts widget of JetElements allows you to display the latest posts into a carousel mode, which is great if you are working on a dynamic website such as an online magazine or blog. The same setting option is not available on the native Posts widget of Elementor. In addition to the widgets on the list above, JetElements also offers premade templates as well as other features such as integration with MailChimp and the capability to disable the unused widgets.

4. Happy Addons

Happy Addons is available in two versions: free and paid. The free version of Happy Addons can be downloaded from the official plugin directory of WordPress while the premium version can be downloaded from its official website. The free version of Happy Addons offers about 30 extra widgets to your Elementor. Widgets like Twitter Feed, Bar Chart, News Ticker, Dual Button, and Team Member are available in the free version of Happy Addons.

In addition to more widgets like Pricing Table, Instagram Feed, Logo Carousel, and Line Chart, the premium version of Happy Addons also offers more advanced features such as presets, cross-domain copy-paste, live copy, image masking, and so on. Happy Addons is developed by weDevs, a WordPress developer that develops popular plugins like Dokan, WP Project Manager, and WP User Frontend.

Here are the widgets offered by Happy Addons (pro and free).

CardBar ChartSource Code
Info BoxFeature ListPromo Box
Icon BoxPricing TableHot Spot
Skill BarsFlip BoxPrice Menu
ReviewAdvanced HeadingBusiness Hour
Image CompareHover BoxLine Chart
Gradient HeadingTeam CarouselPie & Doughnut Chart
Team MemberScrolling ImagePolar Area Chart
Dual ButtonAdvanced TabRadar Chart
Number WidgetAdvanced AccordionContact Form 7
Justified GridTestimonial CarouselNinja Form
TestimonialLogo CarouselweForms
Step FlowAnimated TextCaldera Forms
Fun FactorTimelineWPForms
CalendlyInstagram FeedGravity Forms
News TickerAdvanced TogglePost List
Social IconList GroupPost Tab
Twitter FeedCountdown

5. Droit Addons

Droit Addons for Elementor is developed by DroitThemes. This add-on comes with 43+ widgets and 140+ present, including widgets to create a custom single post template: Post Content and Post Meta. Anyone can easily design a custom website with the free version of Droit Elementor Addons with zero coding knowledge.

Here are the widgets offered by Droit Addons for Elementor (free and pro):

AccordionTableAdvance Testimonial
Blog ListTeam MemberTestimonial Pro
BlogTestimonialAnimated Images
Contact FormTwitter FeedButton Widget
CountdownBannerCall To Action
FaqAnimated TextFAQ Pro
Icon BoxNews TickerFun Fact
Image CarouselAlertImage Comparison
Info BoxTitleSubscribe
Process BoxAccordion ProTeam
PricingAdvances PricingVideo Popup Widget
Share ButtonsPricing ProTab

6. Master Addons

Master Addons a freemium plugin for Elementor editor, has covered the maximum elements and extensions that you need. A total of 55+ widgets are available inside the package. Master Addons will enhance the beauty of your Elementor page editor panel. You will see different content, media, call to action, buttons, forms elements. There is an option to assign a dynamic header and footer inside your entire website or some specific page. Another innovative free extension is Custom CSS. Sometimes it’s required to implement some CSS code for better UI. Just use your mind and design any element, section, column on your needs.

Here are the widgets and features offered by Master Addons (Fee and Pro).

Animated HeadlinesBusiness HoursContact Form
Call to ActionTable of ContentsParticles
Dual HeadingImage HotspotAnimated Gradient BG
Advanced AccordionImage GalleryReading Progress Bar
TabsPricing TableBackground Slider
TooltipImage ComparisonCustom CSS
Progress BarRestrict ContentCustom JS
Progress BarsCurrent TimePositioning
Team MemberDomain SearchContainer Extras
Team CarouselDynamic TableMega Menu
Creative ButtonNav MenuEntrance Animation
FlipboxInstagram FeedReveal
Creative LinksCounter UpHeader,Footer,Comment Form
Image Hover EffectsCounter UpDisplay Conditions
Blog GridToggle ContentDynamic Tags
News TickerGallery SliderFloating Effects
TimelineGradient HeadlineWrapper Link

On the other hand, contact form customizer will assist you to design typography, padding, button, color, width, height without coding. Creating a dynamic page is easier with display conditions now. You can easily showcase different content by browser, user, time value. There are different types of content locker available. Select how you want to lock your content by age, password, captcha, popup. After all, Master Addons will improve your webpage quality. You have to drag and drop the perfect elements properly and design sections with extensions.

7. Raven

Raven is an Elementor add-on developed by Artbees. This add-on is built exclusively for the Jupiter X theme, a WordPress theme developed by Artbees. This add-on comes with 26 widgets, including widgets to create a custom single post template: Post Content and Post Meta. Here are the widgets offered by Raven.

Navigation MenuDividerPosts Carousel
Post ContentFlex SpacerPost Comments
Post MetaFormProducts
Site LogoHeadingSearch Form
AlertIconShopping Cart
CategoriesPhoto AlbumVideo
CountdownPhoto RollerBreadcrumbs

8. PowerPack

PowerPack, a premium Elementor add-on that gives you 60 extra widgets

PowerPack is created by a team named IdeaBox. This team consists of passionate designers, developers, and marketers. With PowerPack, you can create a unique website without coding.

Compared to the two first add-ons above, PowerPack is a bit more expensive. But, the widgets and the features offered by PowerPack deserve a bit more expensive price indeed. One of the features offered by PowerPack is White Label Branding which allows you to change the plugin branding and help you maintain your personal brand while building client websites. This feature is definitely great for website developers who often create websites for clients. You can use PowerPack to create any type of website. Be it a dynamic website, a static website or an e-commerce website.

There are over 60 widgets offered by PowerPak in total. Here is the list.

Tabbed GalleryVideo GalleryInstagram Feed
TwitterCard SliderBusiness Hours
Scroll ImageTimelineContent Toggle
TestimonialsAdvanced TabsRecipe
Advanced AccordionOff-Canvas ContentDual Heading
BreadcrumbsShowcase WidgetInfo List
Content TickerAdvanced MenuLink Effects
Flip BoxPopup BoxPage Navigation
Image AccordionWoo ProductsPromo Box
Magazine SliderWoo Cart

PowerPack is particularly a great option if you are looking for an Elementor add-on that offers a one-time purchase model. There is a one-time purchase option offered by PowerPack.

9. Ultimate Addons

There is a frequently-mentioned WordPress theme when discussing Elementor: Astra. Ultimate Addons is developed by the same company as Astra Theme. So, if you use Astra Theme, this add-on is the perfect complement. Same as PowerPack, Ultimate Addons also has a more expensive price compared to the two first add-ons above. This add-on is also a great option if you are a website developer and often create websites for your clients as it comes with White Label, a feature that allows you to rebrand the Ultimate Addons on your client websites and flaunt it as your own.

Here are the widgets offered by Ultimate Addons.

User Registration FormMulti ButtonsPrice List
Retina ImageOff-CanvasTable
Team MemberModal PopupTimeline
Business ReviewsMarketing ButtonWoo Products
VideoInfo BoxWoo Categories
HotspotsImage GalleryWoo Add To Cart
Advanced HeadingWPForms StylerCountdown Timer
Content ToggleBefore After SliderBusiness Hours
Dual Color HeadingPostsGravity Form Styler
Fancy HeadingPrice Box

Ultimate Addons also has excellent documentation. You can learn how to use each widget by reading the documentation of its documentation.

10. Unlimited Elements

Another one of the most popular premium Elementor add-ons. Unlimited Elements is a bit different from other Elementor add-ons above. This add-on is released as a freemium add-on, meaning that the free version is available in case you want to figure out if this add-on suits your needs or not. Overall, the widgets offered by Unlimited Elements are not much different from other add-ons above. Here is the list of the widgets offered by Unlimited Elements.

Team MembersContent AccordionsFood Menus
Audio PlayersBullets ListsTimelines
iHoverIcon Hover EffectsTimer Countdowns
Bar CountersVideo Teaser PopupsPosts Accordions
Post CarouselsBannersInstagram Widgets
Content BoxesTestimonial and ReviewsCarousels
Event WidgetsPrice TablesImage Hover Effects
Block QuotesVideo GalleriesButtons
Icon BoxesFlip BoxesContent Tabs
Link Hover EffectsOpening Hours

11. The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons is developed by POSIMYTH Team. This Elementor add-on consists of over 60 widgets to complement the native widgets of Elementor to allow you to create a unique, beautiful website without coding. In addition to widgets, this add-on also comes with premade templates to allow you to create a beautiful webpage in minutes. Performance is one of the things highlighted by this add-on. A webpage created with The Plus Addons can be loaded in less than 0.5 seconds. At least that is what The Plus Addon said. This plugin adopts Unique Caching architecture that makes individual JS & CSS files per page. The result is faster load speed.

Here are the widgets offered by the Plus Addon.

Animated TextTime LineSwither
Image CascadingAdvertisement BannerAccordion
Before AfterScroll NavigationTabs Tours
Smooth ScrollAdvanced TypographyAdvance Text Block
Circle MenuMorphing SectionsPie Cart
OffcanvasAnimated Service BoxesInstagram Feed
Creative ImagesAnimated SeparatorsProtected Content
FlipboxBodymovin AnimationsNavigation Menu
Carousel RemoteParallax BackgroundProgress Bar
HotspotSegment Background

The Plus Addon also has excellent documentation. You can view the demo of each widget.

12. Element Pack

Another premium Elementor add-on you can consider to enrich your experience in building a website with Elementor is Element Pack. This add-on itself is released as a freemium add-on. The free version of this add-on is available on the plugin repository of WordPress. Element Pack comes with 79 core widgets, backed by several other widgets. White Label feature is also available in case you need this feature. There are also over 100 premade templates offered by Element Pack. This add-on is bundled with Rooten Theme. Here are the widgets offered by Element Pack.

Crypto CardTwitter Slider
Protected ContentSimple Contact FormCookie Consent
Help DeskAdvanced HeadingDropbar
ChartsAdvanced GalleryDevice Slider
360-degree Product ViewerAdvanced ButtonImage Magnifier
Crypto TableAnimated HeadingInstagram
Advanced Icon boxBusiness HoursImage Compare
IframeCall OutNewsticker
User RegisterCircle Menu

If you use MailChimp, you can also integrate it with Element Pack. This add-on also has excellent documentation. You can see the demo of each widget before using one.

13. Stratum

Stratum Elementor Extras were developed by MotoPress – a great and highly rated team of WordPress developers. The Stratum collection of 20+ advanced addons is new for the market and still now is still gaining its momentum, thus going through constant updates and improvements.

Stratum was initially released as a 100% free solution. Today, the free addon offers a premium version with exclusive advanced functionality for relatively low pricing. The main difference between Stratum and similar products is that this particular addon offers all widgets for FREE, yet leaves a few advanced options in the premium version.

In the list of offered widgets, you will see the most popular elements that you can only use in Elementor Pro or other paid third-party addons. The widgets provide an advanced design toolchain and support the Elementor template library integration.

Take a look at the all free Stratum widgets:

Advanced SliderImage Hotspot
Advanced PostsTestimonial Carousel
Masonry GalleryAdvanced Google Map
Price MenuCircle Progress Bar
Price ListCounter
Price TableFlip Box
Advanced AccordionImage Accordion
Advanced Tabs

14. Mighty Addons

To make the page building more dynamic, interactive, and smooth with Elementor, Mighty Addons has a huge role to play. It extends the functionality of Elementor by providing more number of elements and widgets. Its integration with Pixabay liberates users to have access to millions of free stock images. With a bunch of customization options, you will be able to create a webpage on WordPress which stands out.

With over 30+ widgets and extensions, you’ll be able to add multi-layered shadows to the elements, add interactive particles background to the different sections of your webpage, add multi-location via Google map & open-street map, etc. in no time.

Mighty Addons comes with the following outstanding widgets:

TestimonialOpen StreetWhatsApp Chat
TeamGoogle MapsExtensions
Progress BarTwo-Step LoginPixabay
CounterWeatherCross-Site Copy Paste
Button GroupAdvance HeadingMA Custom CSS
AccordionPayPal ButtonWrapper Link
AfterInsta GalleryParticles
Gradient HeadingPrice ListUnsplash
Flip BoxClick To CallCross-Site Copy Paste Style
Opening HoursHotspotDisplay Conditions
Contact Form 7Open TableAdvance Shadow
MailchimpContent ToggleAdvance Gradient

You can get Mighty Addons without hurting your pocket. You can use the basic version for completely FREE, and the pricing plan for the pro version starts from $15 for a single website. So, what are you waiting for?

15. ElementsKit

ElementsKit for Elementor is an all-in-one freemium plugin with a number of useful widgets and unique features. It is also known as one of the most popular all-in-one addons in the WordPress directory with over 700,000k+ active users, which offers 75+ free and premium widgets, 45+ Pre-designed Header-Footer templates, 35+ ready pages, 500+ ready blocks or sections, and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

Besides these, ElementsKit has many amazing features that give you a competitive edge while designing your website. The features include: Megamenu builder, Header and footer builder, Cross-domain copy-paste, Ready templates, blocks, landing pages, Parallax Effect, Social Feeds, Advanced table, along with a number of remarkable WooCommerce widgets too.

Even the free version of ElementsKit comes with tons of widgets, extensions, and services that will surprise you. There are 42 free widgets and extensions, free templates, and section blocks, with regular updates.

Here is the widgets list offered by ElementsKit (Free and Pro):

HeadingIcon BoxImage Box
ButtonAccordionImage Accordion
Countdown TimerClient LogoImage Comparison
FAQFun FactLottie
TestimonialPricing TableTeam
Social IconsProgress BarPie Chart
TabVideoBusiness Hours
Drop CapsSocial ShareDual Button
TablePressCall to ActionBack to Top
Advanced Accordion (PRO)Advanced Tab (PRO)Hotspot (PRO)
Motion Tex (PRO)Gallery (PRO)Chart (PRO)
Table (PRO)Timeline (PRO)Creative Button (PRO)
Advanced Table (PRO)Google Map (PRO)Unfold (PRO)
Image Swap (PRO)Popup Modal (PRO)Video Gallery (PRO)
Breadcrumb (PRO)

Apart from all the wonderful widgets, features, and modules, ElementsKit for Elementor is fully compatible with any theme and plugin. It also has a 24/7 support center that will assist you anywhere, anytime!

On the whole, ElementsKit has one of the largest numbers of Elementor widgets available in the community. It is also super compatible with beginners and non-developers to create a visually stunning website all by themselves.

Best Elementor Add-on for Dynamic Content

1. JetEngine

Elementor Pro has the ability to allow you to add dynamic content to your Elementor designs (pages or templates). However, the dynamic content types you can add are limited to the default dynamic content types of WordPress such as featured image, page title, site title, author profile, post meta, and so on. With JetEngine, you can create custom content types and then add them to your Elementor designs. The custom content types you can create with JetEngine include:

  • Custom post types
  • Custom fields
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Custom forms
  • Listing items
  • Dynamic calendar
  • Dynamic gallery
  • Dynamic map
  • And several other custom content types

JetEngine is a great add-on to create a complex, dynamic website such as a real estate listing page, bike rental site, or other site types that require booking functionality or listing style. It has some modules, including the Forms module, that you can use to create a wide range of forms including a user registration form, booking form, front-end post submission form, and so on.

Best Elementor Add-ons for WooCommerce

1. JetWooBuilder

If you use Elementor to build an e-commerce WordPress site with WooCommerce, JetWooBuilder is a great add-on to customize every single part of your WooCommerce. You can use this add-on especially if you use the free version of Elementor as the pro version already has a feature to customize WooCommerce (read Elementor Free vs Elementor Pro).

JetWooBuilder allows you to create a custom single product page, custom product category page, custom shop page, and so on. There are about 35 widgets you can use to create custom parts of WooCommerce.

Product Categories GridSingle Related ProductsThumbnail (Archive Category)
Product ListSingle Reviews FormStock Status
Product GridSingle Sale BadgeSale Badge (Archive)
Taxonomy TilesProducts Result CountRating (Archive)
Single Add to ChartProducts PaginationPrice (Archive)
Single AttributesPage TitleExcerpt (Archive)
Single ContentProducts OrderingCategories (Archive)
Single ExcerptProducts NoticesAdd to Cart (Archive)
Single ImagesProducts NavigationSingle Upsells
Single MetaProducts LoopSingle Title
Single PriceProducts DescriptionSingle Tabs
Single RatingTitle (Archive Category)

2. JetProductGallery

As the name suggests, this add-on allows you to create a gallery of your products. This add-on is great if you have products in which each product has multiple images. For instance, if you have a t-shirt product, the images might show the t-shirt from the front angle, back angle, and so on. JetProductGallery allows you to create a gallery in several styles. From slider, grid, to classic gallery.

3. JetCompare&Wishlist

Popular e-commerce sites like Zalora and Walmart have a feature to add a product to the wishlist. In addition, some big e-commerce sites like allow you to compare a certain product with other similar products. JetCompare&Wishlist is an Elementor add-on that allows you to add those features to your WooWoomerce site. You can add a comparison feature to allow your customers to compare products by certain parameters such as price, rating, and other parameters based on metadata of each product.

JetCompare&Wishlist adds the following widgets to your Elementor:

  • Wishlist
  • Wishlist Count Button
  • Wishlist Button
  • Compare
  • Compare Count Button
  • Compare Button

4. JetSmartFilters

JetSmartFilters is an Elementor add-on that allows you to add an advanced filtering feature to your e-commerce site or other Elementor-powered WordPress sites in general. For an e-commerce site, you can use this add-on to add an advanced filtering feature to allow your customers to filter products by parameters like price, rating, brand, color, or other parameters based on the information on your products. The filter types you can apply are:

  • Sorting filter
  • Rating filter
  • Visual filter
  • Range filter
  • Select filter
  • Checkboxes filter

5. ShopEngine

ShopEngine for Elementor is not just a one-stop solution for WooCommerce freemium template builder. Rather, it is freedom of web design that allows you to express your story with state of art ready-to-use layouts. In just a few months ShopEngine has won thousands of hearts all around the world!

With this most complete WooCommerce solution you will get a full package of 62+ Fully Customizable Widgets, 12+ Useful Modules, 15+ pre-designed templates, and many more with helpful community support and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

Now only that it also comes with some remarkable features like quick checkout, backorder, pre-order, badges, wishlist, add to cart, product comparison, sales notification, quick view, cross-sell and upsell pop-ups along with many others. You will also be surprised to know that all the pre-built templates have multiple options to get your online shop up and running in just a few mins.

In fact, the ShopEngine Free version also comes with a wholesome WooCommerce package with 40+ widgets, 4+ modules, and 5+ templates, which is sufficient to create an online store.

Here is the widgets list offered by ShopEngine (Free and Pro):

Additional InformationAdd to CartBreadcrumbs
Product CategoriesProduct DescriptionProduct Excerpt
Product ImageProduct MetaProduct Price
Product ReviewProduct ShareProduct SKU
Product TabsProduct TitleRating
Related ProductUpsellArchive Description
Archive ProductsArchive TitleArchive Result Court
Archive Vide ModeCross-sellCart Total
Empty Cart MessageReturn to ShopCheckout Form – Coupon
Checkout Form – AdditionalCheckout Form – BillingCheckout Form – Login
Checkout Form – ShippingCheckout PaymentOrder Review
Checkout Shipping MethodsAdvanced SearchDeal Products
Flash Sale ProductsProduct Category ListRecently Viewed Products
Order by FilterProduct Per page FilterGeneral

Best Elementor Add-on to Create an Advanced Menu

1. JetMenu

Elementor Pro has a Nav Menu widget that you can use to add a navigation menu to your custom header. You can only use it to create a simple menu. To create an advanced menu like a mega menu or an off-canvas menu, you need to install an add-on. JetMenu is an add-on that is designed specifically to allow you to create an advanced menu on your Elementor-powered site, especially a mega menu. Be it a horizontal or vertical mega menu. In addition, you can also use JetMenu to create an off-canvas menu. There are 3 widgets offered by JetMenu:

  • Mega Menu
  • Vertical Mega Menu
  • Hamburger Menu
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