5 Best Portfolio Divi Child Themes

Do you want to create a portfolio website with Divi? If yes, you have three options to get started. First, you can start everything from scratch, from creating the design system to executing it. Second, you can use a layout pack (which you can find on the layout library). Third, you can use a Divi child theme. If you prefer the last option, we have curated the best Divi child themes that you can use to create your portfolio website.

The concept of child theme is great if you are the type of WordPress user who always update your theme to the latest version. If you use a child theme, you don’t need to worry that the newest version of your parent theme is about to ruining your website if you update it as the update will not be applied to the child theme. Being one of the most popular WordPress themes, it’s easy to find a Divi child theme for a specific project. A Divi child theme usually consists of JSON files that store the settings of theme customizer, theme option, and theme builder. In most cases, a Divi child theme also has a homepage layout which you can import and edit using Divi Builder to streamline your workflow.

Whether you are looking to create a portfolio website for yourself or your client, here are some of the Divi child themes you can use.

Best Portfolio Divi Child Themes

1. Portfolio Divi Child Theme

Portfolio Divi Child Theme is a Divi child theme designed by Divizoom. It is a great child theme for freelancers, regardless of the areas they serve. Whether design, photography, web development, and so on. The child theme offers 9 homepage layouts you can choose from. You can import the one with a dark nuance or bright nuance. There is a filterable portfolio section on the homepage that you can use to showcase the projects you have get done. There are also vertical progress bars that you can use to showcase the areas you serve, as well as your specialty levels.

The Portfolio Divi Child Theme itself is specifically a great option if you want to create a one-page portfolio website. It comes with a one-page navigation feature for easy navigation on your website as well.

  • Price: $15.20
  • Designer: Divizoom
  • Rating: [usr 4.7]

2. Divi Photo Portfolio

Looking to create a photography portfolio website with Divi? Divi Photo Portfolio is a great option, then. As the name suggests, Divi Photo Portfolio is a child theme designed specifically to create photography portfolio. It has a minimalist design, with a full-width slide slider on its homepage. If you don’t like this homepage, there are three other homepage designs you can choose from. To showcase your portfolio, the child theme offers three design options you can choose from: grid, horizontal, and two columns. In addition, the child theme also offers 8 project layouts. The full-width menu offered by the child theme might is also another aspect you want to consider.

  • Price: $36
  • Designer: Destaca Imagen
  • Rating: [usr 4.8]

3. Divilancer

Divilancer is another great Divi child theme for freelancers. You can use it regardless of the area you serve (or client whose site you create for). The concept of Divilancer is pretty similar to Portfolio Divi Child Theme in which it is designed to create a one-page website. What’s unique about Divilancer is its navigation menu, which appear vertically on the right side when you click the hamburger icon. Clicking an item on the vertical navigation menu will lead you to a section.

The Divilancer child theme comes with a section to showcase your portfolio, a section to show your services, a section to show your experiences, an intro section about yourself, and a section to display your blog posts. Divilancer itself is created by Divi Extended, the authors of Divi plugins like Divi Plus, Divi Ajax Searc, and Divi Modal Popup.

  • Price: $15.20
  • Designer: Divi Extended
  • Rating: [usr 4.8]

4. Freelancer

If you are a freelance designer, then this one is for you. Freelancer is a Divi child theme that has a colorful nuance, which is great for a designer portfolio website. You have a section on the homepage to showcase your projects. This section is filterable. You can showcase your projects in tabs. On the bottom side, you have a call-to-action section to make it easy for your aspiring clients to reach you out by setting the link to your contact page.

Divilancer has no header. To substitute it, you have a fixed navigation menu on the left side. Another feature offered Divilancer is an animated, colorful preloader.

  • Price: $29
  • Designer: Surhive Design
  • Rating: [usr 4.6]

5. Divi Resume

Divi Resume is another child theme designed to create a portfolio website. It is especially a suited option if you serve areas like photography, sketch, and painting although you can also use it if you serve other areas. Same as other child themes above, there is also a section on the homepage dedicated to showcasing your projects as well as other sections such as introduction, blog posts, animated stats, testimonial, and so on. The Divi Resume child comes with 10 page layouts you can import. The child theme itself is offered by Divi Space, one of the notable names in the Divi community.

  • Price: $29
  • Designer: Divi Space
  • Rating: [usr 4.6]

The Bottom Line

Using a child theme is a great option if you want to create a portfolio website using Divi as it can streamline your workflow. Divi itself is a feature-rich theme that offers a bunch of customization options. Not to mention its theme builder feature that allows you to customize every single part of your website. A Divi child theme commonly comes with JSON files to store the customization settings, which you can import to your website.

Divi itself is a WordPress theme developed by Elegant Themes, a reputed company in the WordPress world. As Divi is constantly updated, using a child theme is another great reason to take. You can keep your Divi theme updated without worrying about your current site’s appearance. In some cases, your site will be ruined when you update your theme to the latest version. That’s it’s always recommended to back up your site first before you update your theme. With a child theme, you can skip this step (backing up your site).

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