Newspaper X Theme: A Perfect WordPress Theme for Online Magazines

Do you want to create an online magazine with WordPress? We have a recommended theme that you can use: Newspaper X. It is a WordPress theme designed specifically for dynamic websites like online magazines, news portals, blogs and other website types that require regular article update.

Newspaper X is a theme developed by tagDiv. It is the current version of the Newspaper theme which comes with some new features. You can read the review of the older version (v9.x) of this theme here.

Today, most modern WordPress themes come with a default page builder plugin to allow you to design the pages for your website without having to deal with CSS or HTML. Newspaper is no exception. tagDiv develops a page builder (called tagDiv Composer) exclusively for Newspaper and Newsmag — another WordPress theme developed by tagDiv. Newspaper comes with lots of pre-made website demos. A website demo allows you to have a complete website with a few clicks.

Read on to learn more about Newspaper X.

A Crucial Thing to Know

One crucial thing you need to know before buying Newspaper X theme. This theme requires at least a 40MB memory limit. You can figure out the memory limit on your WordPress configuration on the wp-config.php file. Read this article to learn more about how to increase the memory limit in WordPress. Here are the detail system requirements demanded by Newspaper X theme.

  • WordPress version: 4.0 or later
  • Web server: Apache or Nginx
  • PHP memory limit: 40MB (recommended: 96M)
  • PHP version: 7.0 or later
  • MySQL version: 5.0 or later

Notable Newspaper X Features

1. Theme Panel

Newspaper X is a bit different from other WordPress themes. This theme comes with a theme panel as a centered settings control. Some WordPress also have a control panel. However, they don’t really use their control panel as a centered settings control like Newspaper X. Instead, they still use WordPress theme customizer as the settings control. In Newspaper X, everything is controlled via the theme panel. From customizing the header, footer, single post layout, archive pages layout, typography, theme color, and so on.

The idea of centered settings is great as you will know where to go every time you want to make a new change to a certain part of your theme or your website at large. You can even change the website favicon from Newspaper X’s theme panel.

Another good thing about Newspaper X’s theme panel is that it has a great navigation feature on its interface. You can, for instance, open the HEADER tab to open all of the setting options header customizations.

2. More Options to Customize Theme Parts

Newspaper X gives you more options to customize each theme part. For instance, there are 15 different header styles you can apply to your website. You have the freedom to set the color — as well as the font — of the header style you selected.

Please note 15 is the number of the header styles available on the theme panel. Newspaper version 10.3 comes with both header and footer builders, and you can opt for new headers or footers styles right on the frontend, by using tagDiv Composer. So technically, the customization options offered by Newspaper are limitless.

Newspaper X allows you to set a custom layout for each category in case you want it.

In order to be able to create a template for a theme part, you need to activate the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin.

3. Cloud Templates

Page builders like Elementor and Divi Builder allow you to create a page from a template. So does tagDiv Composer. However, tagDiv Composer only allows you to use a template available on the cloud library. Also, you are not allowed to create a template (saving a page as a template) unless for the theme parts you can create the templates for. The template types offered by Newspaper X are:

  • 404 page templates
  • Attachment page templates
  • Author page templates
  • Category page templates
  • Date page templates
  • Footer template
  • Header templates
  • Homepage templates
  • Tags page templates
  • Single post layout templates
  • Search results page templates
  • Contact page templates
  • About page templates

You can access the cloud templates whether via the template manager (Cloud Templates) or via tagdiv Composer.

There are about 1003 templates in total offered by Newspaper X. These templates are pretty useful if you want to design your own website instead of installing a demo. What is a demo?

4. Theme Demo

Mastering tagDiv Composer is the key to create a beautiful website with Newspaper X theme. If you are not familiar with tagDiv Composer yet or even haven’t used any page builder before, demos are there to help you to instantly have a beautiful website with a few clicks. The design team of tagDiv has created lots of theme demos. A demo brings the website structure as well as the design elements to your website. You can then customize the elements (typography, color, layouts) according to your brand identity.

You can install a demo with or without the content. You can also preview a demo before you install it.

Although Newspaper is designed specifically for online magazines, there are also non-magazine demos like dental studio, wine firm, mobile app, construction company, spa, and restaurant.

5. tagDiv Composer

As mentioned earlier, the tagDiv team develops a page builder that is made available exclusively for Newspaper and Newsmag. It’s tagDiv Composer. This page builder is designed specifically to create websites like online magazines, news portals, blogs, and other website types that require regular article update. There are several design elements (called shortcodes) to easily create a grid section to the homepage (or any page) you are creating.

There are also elements (block shortcodes) to display articles in a wide range of styles. The articles on each block shortcode are filterable by category, author, post type, and several other parameters.

In addition to the shortcodes to display your articles above, there are several other shortcodes you can add to your page. There 70 shortcodes offered by tagDiv Composer in total, including:

Header main menuInstagramCall to action
Header categories listList MenuClient
Header logoNews tickerColumn content
Header live searchPinterestColumn title
Header loginPopular CategoryHero
Header dateRaw htmlIcon Icon box
Header weatherRecent commentsInline single image
Mobile menuSearch FormInline text
Mobile live searchSeparatorList
Ad boxSingle imageMenu product
Archive listSlideNumber counter
Author boxText with titlePricing table
Authors boxVideo PlaylistProgress bar
Categories/tags listWeatherSocial icons
Column textWidget sidebarTeam member
Homepage postSocial CounterText with image
Image boxButtonTitle over image

There is a crucial enough shortcode (design element) that is not available on tagDiv Composer, though. It’s a shortcode to create a form. You need to install a third-party form builder plugin to create a form in tagDiv Composer. Even for the simplest form like a contact form.

tagDiv Composer itself works only on pages.

6. Ads manager

Another worth-mentioning feature offered by Newspaper X theme is the ads manager. This feature allows you to display ad units to sections like the header, the footer, single post, and so on. You can simply paste the ad code (such as Google Adsense script). Ads manager can be accessed via Newspaper X’s theme panel.

Also, you can use the Ad Box from the tagDiv Composer to add advertisements to your pages. It’s a lot easier to show ads exactly where you want them, right on the front-end. Furthermore, you can include Inline Ads into your single post templates.

What’s new in Newspaper X?

Newspaper X is the latest generation of the Newspaper theme. Unless there are big changes, the next releases of this theme might be labeled “v10.x”. The version we use on this review itself is “Newspaper v10.3”.

In plain view, Newspaper X brings at least brings the following new features:

  • Image Effects and Blend Modes

This feature allows you to add an effect to an image. The options to add an effect and blend modes are available on shortcodes that contain images such as Single Image, Image box, Image info box, and so on.

  • SVG logo

In WordPress, you can use a PNG image to set it as your website logo. Since PNG is a raster image (not scalable), you have to create a logo with a precise dimension as the one supported by your theme. This can be a bit hassle if you want to use another theme since you typically have to create a new logo as well.

Newspaper X comes with SVG logo support, meaning that you can use an SVG image for your logo. This is pretty cool since SVG is a vector format. No matter the image dimension demanded by the theme demo you want to use, you won’t lose the image quality. You can use an SVG logo when creating a custom header with tagDiv Composer.

  • WooCommerce shortcode

Although Newspaper X is not a theme designed for online shops, doesn’t mean you can’t use it to create an online shop. If you want to add a shop page to your website, Newspaper X has a shortcode (Woo Shortcode) to display your products. tagDiv says that there are 7 new WooCommerce shortcodes offered by Newspaper 10. Technically, there is only one WooCommerce shortcode, but you can use this shortcode to display your products by 7 criteria:

  • New products
  • Featured Products
  • Best Selling Products
  • Most Popular Products
  • Products by Rating
  • Products by Category
  • Product Categories

You need to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin in order to get the WooCommerce shortcode.

  • New tagDiv Composer UI

To be honest, there are no significant changes to the tagDiv Composer user interface and the user experience. You still need to manually enter the values to set the margins and paddings of an element.

But, there are at least two changes. You can now manage your header and the footer from tagDiv Composer. You can now also access cloud templates from the tagDiv Composer.

Technical Support

tagDiv uses forum-based technical support. After completing a purchase, you will receive a purchase code from Themeforest that you can use to access the technical forum. You can find the answer over the technical issue you are currently facing from this forum.

Is there a way to directly contact the tagDiv team? Of course. You can visit this page to find the email address of the tagDiv team.

Pricing and Support Update

Newspaper X is available exclusively on Themeforest. You can get this theme with $59 for a single license. tagDiv offers a lifetime update. This means, every time a new version is available, you can update your Newspaper X theme to the latest version to the newest features and bug fixes. To make it easy for you to update to the latest version of Newspaper X, you can install Envato Market plugin. Read this article for detailed instructions.

Download Newspaper Theme

The Verdict

Newspaper X is one of the best WordPress themes to create an online magazine or other dynamic websites like a news portal or a blog. It is a best-selling theme in the “Newspaper” category on Themeforest. This theme comes with a page builder — tagDiv Composer – that is designed specifically to build an online magazine. There are lots of ready-to-use demos to allow you to instantly have a beautiful website in case you are not familiar with a page builder yet. The cloud templates feature offer limitless customization options.

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