Monstroid2 vs Jupiter X: Two Elementor-Based WordPress Themes Powered by JetPlugins

Being the most popular page builder plugin, it’s not surprising that Elementor is used by many WordPress theme developers to power the themes they develop. Jupiter X is one of the popular WordPress themes that use Elementor as its default page builder. Artbees, the developer of Jupiter X, finally decided to make a switch from WPBakery. Artbees bundles Jupiter X with premium Elementor add-ons from Crocoblock and an exclusive add-on they develop themselves: Raven.

Meet the competitor of Jupiter X: Monstroid2.

Same as Jupiter X, Monstroid2 is also bundled with premium Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. Be it Jupiter X or Monstroid2 comes with ready-to-use website templates that allow you to instantly create a complete website with a few clicks. Simply replace the default content and you are done, your website is ready to be launched. Want to create your website from scratch instead of from a template? There are also ready-to-use block templates you can choose from to save you time.

Monstroid2 vs Jupiter X: Overview

As previously mentioned, Jupiter X is a WordPress theme developed by Artbees. By the time this article is written (February 2020), Jupiter X is the latest generation of the Jupiter theme, which has been around since 2016. Before releasing Jupiter X back in November 2018, Artbees used WPBakery as the default page builder for the Jupiter theme.

Meanwhile, Monstroid2 is developed by Zemez. It emerged first than Jupiter X. Zemez released Monstroid2 in 2017. It is one of the Elementor-based WordPress themes developed by Zemez.

Both Jupiter X and Monstroid2 are bundled with JetPlugins. JetPlugins itself is a set of Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. The set consists of 18 add-ons (read here to learn more). Jupiter is marketed on Themeforest while Monstroid2 is available exclusively on TemplateMonster. Here are some highlights about Jupiter X and Monstroid2.

Jupiter XMonstroid2
Available templates25050+ (updated weekly)
Block templates100+500+
White labelYesNo
Download Jupiter XDownload Monstroid2

Monstroid2 vs Jupiter X: Features Comparison

Be it Jupiter X or Monstroid2 is not designed specifically for a certain website type. You can use them whether to create an online store, a blog, an online magazine, a portfolio, a company profile, and so on. Here are the key features offered by Jupiter X and Monstroid2:

# Plugins


As said earlier above, Monstroid2 is bundled with JetPlugins, a set of Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. However, not all JetPlugins members are included. Here are the JetPlugins members included on the Monstroid2 theme bundle:

In addition to the plugins above, Monstroid2 also comes with Slider Revolution. However, you need to buy a license to use it. You can’t use the purchase code of Monstroid2 to activate Slider Revolution.

Jupiter X

Same as Monstroid2, Jupiter X is also bundled with 9 members of JetPlugins. However, they are not precisely the same. Artbees doesn’t include JetThemeCore on the theme bundle. Instead, they develop their own plugin with the same functionality: Jupiter X Core. This plugin plays a role to provide customization options on the WordPress theme customizer.

The JetPlugins members included on the Jupiter X bundle are:

  • JetBlog
  • JetElements
  • JetEngine
  • JetMenu
  • JetPopup
  • JetSmartFilters
  • JetTabs
  • JetTricks
  • JetWooBuilder

Although Artbees has switched from WPBakery, they don’t really get rid of this page builder. WPBakery is still available on the theme bundle, but not as a required plugin. Instead, it is available as an optional plugin.

Same as Monstroid2, the Jupiter X bundle also includes Slider Revolution. But again, you can’t use it before buying a license to activate it. Another plugin included on the Jupiter X bundle is Raven, an Elementor add-on that was built exclusively for Jupiter X. This add-on adds 26 extra widgets to your Elementor, including key widgets like Post Content, Navigaton Menu, and Site Logo which you will need if you want to create a custom theme part like the header, the footer or the single post layout.

Here are the key plugins included on the Jupiter X theme other than JetPlugins:

  • Raven
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • LayerSlider WP
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  • WP Bakery
  • Jupiter Donut (for WPBakery)
  • Master Slider
  • Slider Revolution
  • Menu Icons by ThemeIsle
  • WunderWP

# Templates


Just like other today’s modern WordPress themes, Monstroid2 also comes with ready-to-use website templates to allow you to create a complete website with a few clicks. In Monstroid2, website templates are called skins. A Monstroid2 skin commonly consists of the core static page templates (the homepage, about page, contact page, 404 page, and so on), the header template, and the footer template. Some skins might also have a popup template.

At the time of writing, there are over 60 skins offered by Monstroid2, ranging from blogs, portfolios, online shops, online magazines, and so on. The Monstroid2 development team promises to release a new skin each week. You can install a skin from the Monstroid2 theme panel or on the installation process of the theme itself.

If you prefer to create all of the theme parts as well as the core static pages from scratch, Monstroid2 also offers premade block templates you can make use of. You can use blocks like the pricing table, call to action, header, footer, team member, and so on.

Jupiter X

Although Jupiter X is younger than Monstroid2, it has more website templates. There are over 250 website templates offered by Jupiter X. From blogs, online shops, portfolios, online magazines, and so on. A Jupiter X website template typically also consists of core page templates, the header template, and the footer template. Some website templates also have a popup template.

If you want to create the theme parts (header and footer), core pages, or want to create a new page, Jupiter X also comes with premade block templates to save you time. Ther are over 100 block templates offered by Jupiter X.

# E-commerce Feature

You can simply install the WooCommerce plugin if you want to create an online shop with either Monstroid2 or Jupiter X. This plugin itself is also available on the bundle of each theme. Both Monstroid2 and Jupiter X have online shop templates.

They also come with JetWooBuilder which you can use to create a single product template or display your products in a stylish way. JetWooCommerce itself offers 8 ready-to-use single product templates, 4 archive templates, 4 category templates, and 4 shop templates.

Jupiter X is one step ahead in this section since it comes with JetSmartFilters. This feature (JetSmartFilters) allows you to add an advanced filtering feature to your shop. You can provide a filtering feature to allow your visitors to filter the products by price, popular products, product category, and so on.

# White Label

White label is a crucial enough feature if you want to create a website for a client. This feature allows you to rebrand the theme name with your brand. Jupiter X is a WordPress theme that has this sort of feature. The same feature is not available in Monstroid2.

The white label feature of Jupiter X allows you to replace the Jupiter X attributes, such as the logo on the theme panel, menu icon, menu label, and all of the “Jupiter X” texts within the WordPress dashboard. By replacing the Jupiter X attributes, it will look as if you had created the theme. You can learn more about the white label feature in Jupiter X theme in this article.

Monstroid2 vs Jupiter X: Customization Options

Both Monstroid2 and Jupiter X themes come with a theme panel. However, — unlike Newspaper X — they still use the WordPress theme customizer to customize your theme.


As mentioned above, you still need to access the WordPress theme customizer (Appearance -> Customize) to customize your Monstroid2 theme (some settings are available on the theme panel). There are lots of customization options you can set. From typography, single post layout, header and footer style, and so on.

Although you will see options to customize the header and footer style on theme customizer, the real customization process is actually done via Elementor editor. To customize the header or the footer, you can edit the active header/footer template using Elementor. To see the active header/footer template, you can go to the template manager (Monstroid2 -> My Library).

Apart from the single post layout, all of the theme parts (404 page, header, footer, archive pages) can be customized via Elementor. You can also create a custom theme part yourself.

What about the single post layout?

Monstroid2 offers 10 different single post layouts you can choose from, which you can set via the theme panel. You can customize the single post layout (like changing the font size, font style, font family and font color) via theme customizer.

Jupiter X

Every part of Jupiter X is also customizable. You can open the WordPress theme customizer to customize parts like header, footer, single post layout, 404, search results page, and so on. Jupiter X offers an extra interface (powered by Jupiter X Core plugin) to allow you to set customization options more easily.

In Jupiter X, you can choose whether want to customize the theme parts using Jupiter X’s default customizer or via Elementor. If you want to use Elementor, you need to set the theme part type — say header — to Custom. You can then use Elementor to customize the header.

When you set the theme part to Custom, you can select an existing template created with Elementor. You can create a new theme part template from the Elementor template manager (Templates -> Saved Templates) or directly via theme customizer by clicking the New button.

Jupiter X offers 20 header templates and 18 footer templates to save you time in creating a new header/footer template.

What about the single post layout?

Unlike Monstroid2 which offers 10 different single post layout options, Jupiter offers only 3 different single post layout options, but you can set what elements you want to display (feature image, post meta, comment box, and so on).

You can set the typography of the single post layout from the Font & Typography section on the theme customizer.

One thing you can do in Jupiter X that can’t be done in Monstroid2. You can create a custom single post layout just like the header and the footer. You can do so since Raven has a Post Content widget that you can use to display the content of each article. Other widgets that you can use when creating a single post layout are Post Meta, Post Comments, and Breadcrumbs.

So technically, Jupiter X offers unlimited options to customize your theme.

Monstroid2 vs Jupiter X: Pricing

Both Monstroid2 and Jupiter X are bundled with premium Elementor add-ons from Crocoblock. They cost from $15 to $19 per year if you buy them individually. With Monstroid2 and Jupiter X, you can get them in a single theme bundle with a lifetime license.

You are also given a privilege to update the add-ons every time a version is available. Here are the detail prices you need to spend if you buy the plugins on Monstroid2 and Jupiter X individually.

Monstroid2Jupiter X
JetThemeCore (not available as a separate product)JetSmartFilters ($19)
JetElements ($19)JetElements ($19)
JetBlocks ($15)JetEngine ($19)
JetBlog ($15)JetBlog ($15)
JetTricks ($15)JetTricks ($15)
JetMenu ($19)JetMenu ($15)
JetTabs ($15)JetTabs ($15)
JetWooBuilder ($19)JetWooBuilder ($19)
JetPopup ($19)JetPopup ($19)
WPBakery ($45)
$ 136$200

As we have written on the first table, Monstroid2 is sold by $75, while Jupiter X is sold by $59. The the two offer lifetime update support for the plugins.

The verdict

Monstroid2 and Jupiter X are two WordPress themes that use Elementor (the free version) as the default page builder plugin. The two also make use of JetPlugins to add extra widgets as well as extra features to Elementor. There are two plugins that distinguish Monstroid2 and Jupiter X: JetThemeCore and Jupiter X Core.

Monstroid2 uses JetThemeCore as its CORE plugin. This plugin adds functionality to create custom theme parts and provides access to the template library. Jupiter X, on the other hand, uses Jupiter X Core as its core plugin. This plugin has similar functionality as JetThemeCore. In addition, it also provides a customization interface within the WordPress theme customizer if you want to use the default theme parts.

Jupiter X comes with a white label feature that allows you to replace all of the Jupiter X attributes with your brand attributes. It also has its own Elementor plugin which already includes key widgets like Post Content, Navigation Menu, and Post Meta which are essentials for theme customization. Also, Jupiter X has more website templates than Monstroid2.

In the end, you have one hundred percent authorization to make your choice which theme you want to use.

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