Monstroid2 Review: A WordPress Theme with a Magic Button

Every WordPress folk knows that Elementor is the world’s most popular page builder plugin. With over 4 million installations, no one can deny this fact. Today, there are some WordPress themes that use Elementor as their default page builder, including Monstroid2. Not just Elementor, this theme is also bundled with several premium Elementor add-ons. What add-ons? Read on.

An Intro About Monstroid2

Monstroid2 is an Elementor-based WordPress theme developed by Zemez. This theme is marketed via TemplateMonster for $75. Does it look a bit expensive? Not really. As we have mentioned, this theme is bundled with several premium Elementor add-ons. There are 9 Elementor add-ons in total:

All of those add-ons are premium add-ons. If you buy those add-ons individually, you need to spend about $124 per year. With Monstroid2, you can get those $124-valued add-ons by only $75. Plus, you will also get thousands of Elementor block templates and page templates.

The bundle of the Monstroid2 theme also includes Slider Revolution plugin, which costs $29 at CodeCanyon.

The Crucial Thing to Note

Before you decide to buy this WordPress theme, there is a crucial thing you need to know first. Monstroid2 consists of several components, including JetThemeCore, which is the main component of the Monstroid2 theme. If you use Elementor Pro and have Theme Core activated, you will lose the functionality of Elementor Pro’s Theme Builder feature. The custom footer and the custom header you created with Elementor Pro won’t work until you deactivate Theme Core from the WordPress plugin manager.

Monstroid2 Theme Features

With Monstroid2, you feel like you have the pro version of Elementor, but with a lifetime license. As you have known, the pro version of Elementor allows you to unlock the Theme Builder as well as the Popup Builder features. Plus, you will be able to access more template collections.

Unfortunately, Elementor only accepts the subscription payment option. Meaning that you have to continuously spend monthly/yearly subscription fee to keep using the pro version.

Monstroid2 also allows you to create a custom header and a custom footer. With JetPopup plugin included, you can also create a popup via the visual editor of Elementor. Again, you need only pay $75 once to use Monstroid2. No need to spend a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Monstroid2 comes with over 10 single post templates, tens of header and footer templates.

Here are the key features offered by Monstroid2.

  • Skins

Monstroid2 comes with 65 skins. A Monstroid2 skin itself is much like an Elementor Template Kit in which it contains a set of templates. Each skin also comes with custom demo content and a predefined set of plugins. The number of templates of each skin can be vary depending on the skin you choose. Each skin has a unique header and footer. You can select a skin on the installation process of the theme. If you change your mind as time goes by, you can change the skin via the theme panel. To access the theme panel, you can go to Monstroid2 -> Monstroid2.

Monstroid2 skins

To edit the custom header and the custom footer of the skin you have chosen, you can go to the Monstrid2 library (Monstroid2 -> My Library). Of course, the editing process is done via Elementor’s editor.

With a Monstroid2 skin, you can create an actual website with a single click. For instance, you can create an online magazine with the Turbodrive skin (visit this page to view the demo of the Turbodrive skin). Or, you can create a creative agency website with the Stylaro skin (view demo).

  • Templates

After installing a skin, you will have several Elementor page templates on your WordPress site. If you need to create more pages, Monstroid2 also offers more templates you can choose from.

Monstroid2 uses its own templates library to host its template collections, instead of using the Elementor’s native templates library. After installing the theme, you will see a new button — the Magic button — on the canvas area of Elementor. Clicking this button will open the Monstroid2’s templates library.

Monstroid2 magic button

The templates offered by Monstroid2 are varied. From about page templates, contact page templates, homepage templates, header templates, footer templates, portfolio page templates, and so on. And they are very well-arranged by categories. In addition to page templates, you can also find section templates.

Monstroid2 templates

  • Theme panel

Theme panel is where you can make the global settings to your theme. From this panel, you can install a new skin, set the single post layout, check plugin updates, and so on. To open the theme panel, you can go to Monstroid2 -> Monstroid2.

Monstroid2 theme panel

  • e-commerce

Monstroid2 has the tagline “Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme”.

Indeed, you can use this theme to build any type of website, including an e-commerce website. To allow you to create an e-commerce website, this theme is bundled with the WooCommerce plugin, backed by JetWooBuilder Elementor add-on. You can use JetWooBuilder to create custom pages on your store (product category page, shop page, product archive page, single product page). The theme bundle also includes the Ecwid plugin, a full-featured shopping cart plugin for WooCommerce.

Some Monstroid2 skins — such as Woolbert and Marronis — are created specifically for an e-commerce website. So, if you want to use Monstroid2 to create an e-commerce website, you can install one of those skins.

Monstroid2 offers premade templates to ease your job in creating a custom page. You can go to WooCommerce -> Jet Woo Templates to create a custom page template.

To add a new product, you can go to Products -> Add New. Adding a new product is as easy as creating a blog post.

  • Popups library

The JetPopup plugin (or Elementor add-on more precisely) allows you to create a pop-up without upgrading your Elementor to the pro version. While you can create the popup from scratch, Monstroid2 also offers a bunch of popup templates. You can find a popup template by category. You can visit this page to learn more about JetPopup.

Monstroid2 popup library

Ease of use

Monstroid2 is an Elementor-based WordPress theme. Nearly all of the theme components — from the header, the footer, and the pages — are created with Elementor. The developer of this theme, Zemez, makes use of the JetPlugins to create Monstroid2.

If you are not an Elementor user, chances are you will experience a bit confusion after installing the theme. There will be several new menu items on your WordPress dashboard. Each menu item is used to manage the plugin associated with it. For instance, the JetPopup menu item is used to create a new popup as well as managing your popup library. If you deactivate the JetPopup plugin from the WordPress plugin manager, the menu item of JetPopup will disappear from the WordPress dashboard. Yes, you can deactivate a plugin (Elementor add-on) if you don’t really need it and it doesn’t affect your website (unless the plugin is required by the skin you use).

There are two things we will cover here regarding the use of the Monstroid2 theme.

  • The installation process

The installation process of Monstroid2 is a bit different from other WordPress themes. You can’t install this theme from the WordPress theme manager (Appearance -> Themes). TemplateMonster (where you can buy Monstroid2 from), provides a ZIP file. It’s a plugin, not a theme. After installing and activating the plugin (M2 Wizard), you will be asked to enter your Order ID. Your theme — and the required plugins — will be installed from here.

  • Changing the site logo and editing the footer

Normally, you can change the logo of your WordPress from the theme customizer (Appearance -> Customize). On some WordPress themes like Newspaper, you can also set the site logo from the theme panel. Those two methods don’t work on Monstroid2.

To change your site logo, you need to edit the header template of the active skin. To do so, you can go to Monstroid2 -> Library.

Monstroid2 theme builder

One thing. Make sure to use an image logo with the proper dimension (normally 135 by 35 pixels) since Monstroid2 offers no option to change the image dimension from the Elementor editor.

You can also go to the Montsroid2 library to change edit the footer of the active skin.

Monstroid2 footer


You can get Monstroid2 for $75. That is a one-time purchase price. No subscription fee charged in the future. With popular themes like Newspaper, Bridge and Salient are available at lower prices, $75 looks expensive.

But again — as we have mentioned above — Monstroid2 is bundled with 8 premium plugins valued $124. Those 8 plugins are developed by Crocoblock. If you buy them individually from Crocoblock, you will be charged with a yearly subscription fee.

Again, Monstroid2 also offers a bunch of word-class Elementor templates. So, $75 is a reasonable price, we think.


Monstroid2 is a great WordPress theme for Elementor users. It can be an alternative to Elementor Pro, which only accepts the subscription-based payment model. But of course, not all Elementor Pro features are available on this theme. For instance, Monstroid2 doesn’t support dynamic content that allows you to add content from your website.

The developer of this Montsroid2 (Zemez) makes use of the premium Elementor add-ons from Crocoblock and bundles them in a form of a WordPress theme. Monstroid2 is a multi-purpose theme. You can use it whether to create an e-commerce website, an online magazine, a personal blog, a website for your company, and so on.

You can install an appropriate skin according to the type of website you want to create. There are over 60 skins you can choose from. There are also hundreds of section templates and page templates offered by Monstroid2.

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