Free Elementor Template Kit: App 1

We have just released a new free Elementor template kit. This time, the template kit is designed specifically for mobile apps. So, if you are a mobile app developer and are looking to create a WordPress-based site for the app you are developing, the template kit is a good fit.

We use all native Elementor widgets to create this template kit so you don’t need to install an add-on.

The App 1 Elementor template kit is a one-page website template so you will only get a single page template, along with a header template and a footer template, respectively. You can see the demo of the template kit by clicking the button below.

How to use the App 1 template kit

As usual, you can download the ZIP file of the template kit via the form on the end section of this post. After extracting the ZIP file, you will get three JSON files. Simply import each JSON file to import the templates. Read this post to learn more about how to import a template in Elementor. One thing. We use a transparent header for the template kit (with a scrolling effect). So, when importing the header template, you might see all-white on the header section. You can use the Navigator feature to jump between widgets in the header.

We use the Icon List widget to display menu items. You can replace it with the Nav Menu widget if you want it. Just don’t forget to tailor the link on each menu item. You can read this post to learn more about a one-page navigation menu in Elementor.

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