How to Manage Plugins in Jupiter X Theme

Jupiter X is an Elementor-based WordPress theme. It is bundled with a number of Elementor add-ons and other plugins. The total of plugins included in the Jupiter X theme bundle is 24. Not all plugins are required, though. Out of 24, there are only 4 required plugins. The rest are recommended plugins. To lighten your website, you are suggested to activate only the plugins you really need. The question, how to manage plugins in Jupiter X theme?

In WordPress, you can go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins to manage the plugins. From here, you can deactivate the active plugins, activate the inactive plugins, and delete the installed plugins, and so on. However, using the WordPress default plugins manager might is a bit hassle if you have too many plugins installed on your website. Jupiter X has its own plugin manager which you can access via theme panel.

How to install, activate, delete, and update a plugin in Jupiter X theme

To access the Jupiter X plugins manager, go to the Jupiter X theme panel and open the Plugins tab. As you can see, all of the plugins associated with Jupiter X are listed here. You can filter the list by the active plugins and inactive plugins.

All of the required plugins have a Required label, while the recommended plugins have an Optional label. To install a new plugin, you can filter the plugins by the inactive plugins by clicking the Inactive tabs. Click the Install button on the plugin you want to install to install it.

To activate the installed plugin (but not activated yet), you can simply click the Activate button on the plugin you want to activate. You can also go to the Inactive tab to make it easy for you to find the inactive plugins.

To delete a plugin, you can click the Delete button on the plugin you want to delete. Go to the Inactive tab to make it easier for you to find the plugins you want to delete.

To deactivate an active plugin, you can click the Deactivate button on the plugin you want to deactivate. You can go to the Active tab to make it easier for you to find the active plugins.

To check if there are newer versions of the plugins associated with Jupiter X, you can go to the Updates Available tab. Simply click the Update button to update a plugin.

If you have a WordPress site with several administrator-level users and want to prevent them from making administrative actions (such as installing, activating, or deleting a plugin), you can edit the wp-config.php file to change your WordPress configuration. You can add the following line.

define('DISALLOW_FILE_MODS', true);

You can read this article to learn more.

Jupiter X also allows you to hide the Plugins tab on the theme panel using the white label feature. Learn more here.

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