Jupiter X Theme: A Great Multipurpose WordPress Theme

More and more WordPress theme developers that use Elementor to power the themes they develop. Artbees is one of them. One of the WordPress themes developed by Artbees — Jupiter X — is rebuilt with Elementor. Previously, this theme used WPBakery as its default page builder. Artbees doesn’t totally get rid of WPBakery, though. It is still available on the theme bundle, but not as a default page builder. Instead, WPBakery is now a recommended plugin, not a required plugin.

Jupiter X has a similarity as Monstroid2. It is bundled with JetPlugins from Crocoblock. Jupiter X is a multipurpose WordPress theme. You can use it to create any type of website. One of the notable features we love about is White Label. This feature is especially great for developers who create websites for clients.

Just like today’s modern WordPress themes, Jupiter X also comes with premade templates. It comes with over 250 premade website templates. With a website template, you can have a beautiful complete website with a single click. Literally single click!

Here are the key things you need to know about Jupiter X theme.

Plugins on the Jupiter X Theme Bundle

As mentioned, Jupiter X has a similarity as Monstroid2, another Elementor-based WordPress theme. This theme (Jupiter X), is bundled with JetPlugins. JetPlugis itself is a set of premium Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. The set consists of 18 add-ons. The JetPlugins members included on the Monstroid2 bundle are:

  • JetSmartFilters
  • JetTabs
  • JetTricks
  • JetWooBuilder

Each plugin above has different functionality. You can read our post here to learn more about how they can enrich the functionality of Elementor. In addition to JetPlugins, Jupiter X is also bundled with the following plugins:

  • Elementor (required)
  • Advanced Custom Fields (required)
  • Jupiter X Core (required)
  • Raven (required)
  • LayerSlider WP
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  • Customizer Export/Import
  • Customizer Reset
  • WP Bakery
  • Jupiter Donut
  • Master Slider
  • Menu Icons by ThemeIsle
  • Slider Revolution
  • WooCommerce
  • WunderWP

Please note that not all plugins on the Jupiter X bundle are full versions. Slider Revolution, for instance. You can’t really use this plugin until you activate it by entering the purchase code. You cannot use the purchase code of Jupiter X to activate Slider Revolution. Another plugin that requires activation before being able to be used is LayerSlider WP. So, if you don’t really need them, you better disable them to lighten the load of your server.

If you need a slider plugin, you can use Master Slider. This plugin offers a free version, which doesn’t require to activate to use.

Artbees doesn’t just rely on plugins developed by third-party developers. They also develop a plugin (Elementor add-on more precisely) specifically for Jupiter X: Raven. This add-on adds the following extra widgets to your Elementor.

AlertIconPost Meta
CategoriesNavigation MenuSearch Form
CountdownPhoto AlbumShopping Cart
CounterPhoto RollerSite Logo
Flex SpacerPosts CarouselVideo
FormPost ContentBreadcrumbs
HeadingPost Comments

Jupiter X has its own plugin manager to manage all of the plugins. You can access the plugin from the Control Panel.

Jupiter X Theme plugin manager

Jupiter X Theme Templates

In this page builder era, templates become the new weapon for theme developers to win the potential users’ attention. Artbees is no exception. This developer offers more than 250 website templates. A website template itself is much like an Elementor template kit. It is a set of Elementor templates with a consistent design concept.

The difference, you can import all templates on a website template with a single click. A website template is designed specifically for a certain website type. A website template commonly consists of the following templates:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • 404 page

A website template also comes with demo content. You can access the website templates from the Control Panel. You can simply click the Import button to import the templates. There is also an option to preview each website template.

Jupiter X itself is a multipurpose WordPress theme. You can find templates for websites like magazines, blogs, corporate, online shops, real estate, and so on. You can filter the templates by certain parameters.

In addition to the website templates which you can access via Jupiter X’s Control Panel, this theme also comes with over 100 block templates to save you time in creating a new page. You can find block templates like the hero block, testimonial, service, pricing table, newsletter form, team, clients, and so on. To access the block templates, you can go to the Blocks tab on the Elementor template library.

Customization Options

Jupiter X has over 250 website templates. As we have mentioned, each website template consists of several templates, including the header template and the footer template. If you think that the default header or footer of the website template you use is not impressive enough, you can customize it. There are two ways to customize the header and footer of your template. First, you can go to the WordPress theme customizer (Appearance -> Customize). You can open either the Header or the Footer section to customize it. There are two options available: Default and Custom.

  • Default

If you choose this option, the customization process is done via Jupiter X’s default customizer. You can enable/disable elements you want and customize them like setting the margins, setting the typography, setting the color, and so on.

  • Custom

If you choose this option, the customization process is done via Elementor’s editor. From this option, you can also select another header template that exists on your website.

Chances are, you will see a template called “Header” when clicking the dropdown menu. It is a header template from the website template you installed.

Alternatively, you can also customize the header and the footer via Elementor’s template library by going to Templates -> Saved Templates. Simply select the header template/footer template you want to edit and click the Edit with Elementor link. Jupiter X offers 20 header templates and 18 footer templates.

What about other elements?

Nearly all elements of Jupiter X are customizable. Including the 404 page, single post template, single page template, single product template, search results page, archive pages, and so on.

Unlike, for instance, Monstroid2, Jupiter X offers no single post templates, but you have options to set the layout. Whether you want to use a layout with sidebar on the left, on the right or without sidebar.

More importantly, you can create a custom single post template (and single page template) thanks to the availability of the following Elementor widgets:

  • Post Meta
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Post Content
  • Image (can be set to Featured Image)

To use a custom single post template, you can go Blog -> Blog Single on the theme customizer.

Jupiter X Theme E-commerce Feature

You can expect more on Jupiter X if you plan to create an online shop with WordPress. There are at least three plugins you can use:

  • WooCommerce: To add e-commerce functionality.
  • JetWooBuilder: To create a single product template and display products in a wide range of styles.
  • JetSmartFilters: To add advanced product filters.

Plus, Jupiter X comes with about 44 website templates designed for online shops. Here are 6 of the online shop templates offered by Jupiter X:

Each online shop template has a unique single product template, but if you want to create your own single product template in case there are some elements you want to add, you can use JetWooBuilder to do so. JetWooBuilder offers 8 ready-to-use single product templates.

Other Features:

1. White Label

White Label is one of the features we like so bad. This feature allows you to remove all of the Jupiter X brandings on the WordPress dashboard and replace them with your own text. This feature is especially great for website developers who create websites for clients. You can even also change the Jupiter X logo and icon.

2. Popup Builder

Although the Elementor version used on the Jupiter X is the free version, you can create popups thanks to JetPopup plugin. Some website templates offered by Jupiter X even come with a popup powered by JetPopup.

JetPopup is a multipurpose popup builder plugin. You can use it whether to create an email subscription form popup, promotional banner, notification banner, and so on. This popup plugin supports 6 trigger types:

  • On page load
  • Inactive time after
  • Page scrolled
  • Try exit
  • On date
  • Custom selector click

You can also set where a popup to appear as JetPop supports display conditions. JetPopup offers about 64 popup templates.

3. Dynamic Content on Elementor

Dynamic content is one of the Elementor Pro features that is made available on Jupiter X theme. On this theme, the dynamic content feature is powered by JetEngine.

Is this feature matter?

Dynamic content is especially crucial if you plan to create a single post template or other templates that involve dynamic content on your website. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to add dynamic content like featured image, post date, post title, post time, author info, and so on.

4. Form Builder

No need to install an extra plugin if you want to create a form on your Jupiter X Theme-powered website. The Raven Elementor add-on has a Form widget that you can use to create a wide range of forms. From a contact form, booking form, email subscription form, and so on. The Form widget of Raven supports integration with reCAPTCHA and Mailchimp. You can also connect your form with a form backend service thanks to the webhook support.

5. SEO

We knew it. SEO might is one of the features you consider the most when choosing a WordPress theme. Artbees tells that Jupiter X has been optimized for SEO, but we find no default SEO feature like the one offered by, for instance, Divi. To be honest, we don’t think it’s a big issue whether a theme has a default SEO feature or not since we rely on Yoast as the SEO plugin.

Technical Support

Jupiter X has great enough technical support. Artbees provides a forum which you can use to exchange experience to fellow Jupiter X users. You can find the same issue you are currently experiencing, in the forum. You can post a new question if your issue has not posted yet.

Is it possible to directly contact the Artbees team? Yes. You can open a support ticket to get the answer directly from the Artbees team.

Jupiter X Theme Pricing

Jupiter X is available for $59. You can get this theme on Themeforest. Let us tell you. $59 is a crazy price given that this theme is bundled with several premium plugins. Here are the detailed prices of the premium plugins on the Jupiter X theme bundle if you buy them individually:

  • JetBlog: $23 /year
  • JetElements: $43 /year
  • JetEngine: $43 /year
  • JetMenu: $43 /year
  • JetPopup: $22 /year
  • JetSmartFilters: $43 /year
  • JetTabs: $23 /year
  • JetTricks: $23 /year
  • JetWooBuilder: $43 /year
  • WPBakery: $45

The total amount you need to spend to get the plugins above for a single website is $242. With Jupiter X, you can get those plugins for only $59 for a lifetime license.

The Verdict

Jupiter X is a great multipurpose WordPress with a crazy price. It is bundled with $242 worth premium plugins, but you need to spend only $59 to get the theme. Jupiter X is especially a great theme if you are a web developer who creates websites for clients as this theme comes with the White Label feature to allow you to remove all of the Jupiter X attributes from the WordPress dashboard. This theme makes use of Elementor, the best page builder plugin for WordPress. All of the theme parts are customizable. you can customize the header, footer, single post template, archive pages, 404 page, and other parts using Elementor’s visual editor.

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