JetTricks: A Review and Overview

JetTricks is one of the premium Elementor add-ons from Crocblock. It is designed specifically to extend the animation effect options you can add to an Elementor page (or theme builder template).

You can use JetTricks for a project that requires you to add animation effects that Elementor doesn’t offer like particle effect or tooltip. Read on to learn more about the add-on.

JetTricks: In a Nutshell

JetTricks is a part JetPlugins, a set of premium Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. As just said above, you can use it if you have a project whereby you need to add animation effects that cannot be handled by Elementor. You can get JetTricks whether as a separate add-on or in a set (along with other JetPlugins members). You can get JetTricks at $19 per year (separate plugin).

JetTricks doesn’t require Elementor Pro, meaning that you can use it on Elementor Free. It can also be a solution if you want to add some animation effects, yet still have a doubt to upgrade to Elementor Pro (or simply don’t need features other than its Motion Effects).

JetTricks allows you to:

  • Add particle effect to an Elementor section.
  • Add parallax effect to an Elementor section
  • Add tooltip to an Elementor widget
  • Add sticky effect to an Elementor column
  • Add image hotspots
  • Add folded content

If you don’t need certain features (or) widget, JetTricks allows you to disable them. You can enable/disable the JeTricks features by going to Crocoblock -> JetPlugins Settings on your WordPress dashboard. Open the JetTricks block and click Widgets & Extensions and disable the features/widgets you don’t need.

How to Use JetTricks

After installing and activating the JetTricks plugin, you will see three new Elementor widgets: Hotspots, Unfold, and Read More. In addition, you will also find a new settings block called JetTricks under the Advanced tab on the settings panel. Here are the key things you can do with JetTricks

Adding Particle Effect

This is one of the key features offered by JetTricks. You can add a particle effect on the background of an Elementor section. To do so, first, click the section handle you want to add the particle effect to. Go to the Advanced tab and open the JeTricks tab. Switch the Enable Particles toggle on.

Click the Here! link beneath the Particle JSON field and you will be redirected to a page where you can configure the particle effect.

Once done configuring the particle effect, export/download the configuration and paste the JSON code to the Particle JSON field.

If the JSON code generated by this page doesn’t work, you can use this page as an alternative.

Adding Parallax Effect

While Elementor Pro allows you to add a parallax effect to the background of a section, JetTricks allows you to add a parallax effect to a widget. To do so, specify an Elementor widget you want to add the parallax effect to and click its handle.

Go to the Advanced block and open the JetTricks block. Switch the Use Parallax toggle on. You can then set the necessary settings like parallax effect and visibility.

Adding Tooltips

There are varied use cases of tooltip. For instance, you can use a tooltip to add a brief description about a feature on your website. Another example, you can use a tooltip to display a brief description about a certain element on your page as shown below.

JetTricks allows you to add a tooltip to an Elementor widget. To add a tooltip to a widget, first, specify the widget you want to add the tooltip to and click its handle. Go to the Advanced tab and open the JetTricks block. Switch the Use Tooltip toggle on. Add the description and set the necessary settings. To style up the tooltip, you can open the STYLE tab within the tooltip editor on the settings panel.

Adding Sticky Effect to an Elementor Column

Elementor has no built-in setting option to allow you to add sticky effect to a column. You can only add sticky effect to a widget and section. JetTricks makes it possible for you to add a sticky effect. To do so, simply specify the column you want to add the sticky effect to and click its handle.

Go to the Advanced tab and open the JetTricks block and switch the Sticky Column toggle on. Set the spacing as well as the visibility.

Adding Image Hotspots

The way hotspot works is pretty similar to tooltip. More specifically, you can use it to explain certain parts of an image. Take a look at the screencast below.

To add hotspots to an image, first, add the Hotspots widget to the canvas area. Select an image you want to add the hotspots to.

Open the Hotspots block to add a hotspot item. Add the content of the hotspot on the Description field. To change the default icon, you can simply click the plus icon on the Icon option. To set the position of the hotspot, you can click the POSITION tab on the hotspot content editor.

Once done making the basic settings, you can go to the Style tab to style up the hotspot.

Adding Folded Content

Elementor has two widgets — Toggle and Accordion — to display long content into a more compact form, which is great to save space on a page. However, the content type you can add is limited to text. JetTricks offers a widget — the Unfold widget — that you can use to accomplish the similar thing, but you can add more content types instead of just text. The Unfold widget of JetTricks allows you to add content from an Elementor template.

To add a folded content using the Unfold widget, simply add the Unfold widget to the canvas area.

Once the widget is added, you can open the Content block under the Content tab. To add the content from a template, you can click the Template tab on the Content Type option.

You can open the Settings block and the Button block under the Content tab to make the basic settings. To style up the folded content, you can go to the Style tab.

The Verdict – JetTricks Review

It appears to be the marketing strategy of Crocoblock to offering different Elementor add-ons for different uses and purposes. For instance, it offers JetWooBuilder to create an e-commerce website with Elementor+WooCommerce. It also offers JetMenu that is specifically aimed at creating mega menu. As we have explained above, JetTricks is an Elementor add-on designed specifically to enrich the animation options you can add to your page.

JetTricks is functionally good enough, but the offered customization settings are too basic in some ways. For instance, it even offers no option to configure the particle effect at all. As a comparison, Happy Addons offers options to set the number of particles, particle size, particle color, and so on right from the settings panel of Elementor.

JetTricks tends to be ideal as a complement of Elementor Pro or other JetPlugins members (e.g, JetElements). If you need its parallax and hotspot features, there is Happy Addons or Essential Addons as a better alternative, which offers more features and widgets. If you buy JetTricks in a set instead of a separate add-on, then it will be a different story.

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