JetThemeCore Plugin: An Overview

Are you looking for an alternative to Elementor Pro? If yes, JetThemeCore is a wort trying add-on. What is that? We will find the answer shortly in this article.

As you have known, the pro version of Elementor allows you to create custom templates to replace the default templates (header, footer, single post template, single product page, and so on) of your theme thanks to the theme builder feature. In addition, there are more premade templates you can use with Elementor Pro. You can read our previous article to learn the detailed comparisons between Elementor Free vs Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro is great. Unfortunately, Elementor only accepts a yearly subscription-based payment model only. Something that not all users like about. Some WordPress users prefer a one-time purchase option when they have to use a premium plugin or theme. You can get JetThemeCore with this payment option.

What is JetThemeCore?

JetThemeCore is a WordPress plugin developed by Crocoblock. Or more precisely, it’s an Elementor add-on. The add-on adds two features similar to Elementor Pro’s: the ability to create custom templates (theme builder) and more premade templates. This means, you can use JetThemeCore to create custom templates for your theme parts. The custom templates you can create with JetThemeCore are:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • 404 page
  • Search results page
  • Archive pages
  • Single post template

Just like Elementor Pro, you can also create the templates using the visual editor of Elementor. JetThemeCore also offers premade templates to streamline your workflow.

One crucial thing to note. In most cases, JetThemeCore has a conflict with Elementor Pro. You can’t use it together with Elementor Pro. If you activate JetThemeCore while you have Elementor Pro active as well, all of the theme builder templates you created with Elementor Pro won’t work. To create a custom template with JetThemeCore, you can simply go to Crocoblock -> My Library on your WordPress dashboard. Same as Elementor Pro, you can assign a certain template to specific pages on your website.

Premade templates

As you know, Elementor Pro offers way more premade templates than the free version, including Template Kits. JetThemeCore also does the same thing by offering hundreds of premade templates. After installing and activating the JetThemeCore plugin, you will see a new button — the MAGIC BUTTON — on the canvas area of the Elementor editor. Clicking this button will open the template library of JetThemeCore where you can access the offered premade templates.

Not just page templates, JetThemeCore also offers section templates and theme builder templates (footer, header, single post, and so on) as you can see on the screencast above. The templates are very well-organized. You can filter the templates by category.

The Bottom Line

JetThemeCore is a premium add-on developed by Crocoblock. It’s intended to allow you to create custom templates to replace the default templates of your theme such as footer, header, single post, and so on.

Just like Elementor Pro, when creating a custom template using JetThemeCore, you can also set display conditions to assign it to certain pages on your website. JetThemeCore is especially a great solution if you are looking for an Elementor Pro alternative in case you hate the subscription-based payment model only accepted by Elementor. Crocoblock, the developer of JetThemeCore, accepts a one-time purchase option.

JetThemeCore itself is a part of the JetPlugins — a set of Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. While you can only use JetThemeCore to create custom templates, you can use JetPopup to create popups, JetWooBuilder to create custom templates for WooCommerce, JetEngine to add custom fields, and so on.

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