JetElements Review: A Great Elementor Add-on with Cool Widgets

JetElements is an Elementor add-on that offers offers 40+ unique widgets. Some widgets — such as Posts and Button — are already available on the Elementor Pro, but JetEements offers different styles and setting options.

For instance, the Posts widget of JetElements comes with an option to display the posts into a carousel, which is great if you want to display your featured articles on your homepage.

Widgets Offered by JetElements

JetElements is a great solution if you want to create a unique website with WordPress+Elementor. You can combine the native widgets of Elementor and the widgets of JetElements. As mentioned earlier, some JetElements widgets are basically already available on Elementor. But, JetElements is trying to offer something different by offering different styles and setting options.

As mentioned above, the Posts widget of JetElements allows you to display the posts into a carousel mode. The same setting option is not available on the Posts widget of Elementor.

There are also different settings of the Button widget of both JetElements and Elementor. The Button widget of JetElements allows you to add a different text when you hover your mouse over the button. The same option is not available on the Button widget of Elementor.

Here is the list of the widgets offered by JetElements.

Advanced CarouselHorizontal TimelineSubscribe
Advanced MapImage ComparisonTable
Animated BoxImages LayoutTeam Member
Animated TextInline SVGTestimonials
Audio PlayerInstagramVertical Timeline
BannerPie ChartVideo Player
Bar ChartPortfolioWeather
Logo ShowcasePostsWooCommerce Recent Products
ButtonPrice ListWooCommerce Featured Products
Circle ProgressPricing TableWooCommerce Sale Products
Countdown TimerProgress barWooCommerce Best Sellers
Download ButtonScroll NavigationWooCommerce Top Rated Products
DropbarServicesWooCommerce Product
HeadlineSliderLottie Files

As you can see on the list above, some widgets are basically already available on Elementor, be it the pro version or the free version. Some are not available. Widgets like Instagram (which allows you to add your Instagram feed to WordPress), Team Member, and Circle Progress are not available on Elementor.

Let’s cover the unique JetElements unique widgets that are not available on Elementor.


We bet that this is the widget will be loved by social media addicts. This widget allows you to add your Instagram feed to your WordPress site. You can display whether your own feed or feed based on certain tag. You need to integrate your Instagram account with JetElements in order before being able to add your feed (will be covered later).

Team Member

If you have an agency website, you might also want to create a team page that lets your visitors know the people on your agency. Or, you might also want to show your team members on the about page. Today, the common practice found on the about page or the team page of a website is that you show the photos of your team members with brief info about their job position. In most cases, you can also find the social media accounts of each member beneath the photo.

You can basically create an about page with the concept like described above with the Image and Social Icons widgets of Elementor. But with the Team Member widget of JetElements, everything gets even easier. You can even apply a flip effect on each photo, with a variety of pieces of information you can add on the hover.

Circle Progress

The Circle Progress widget is useful if you want to create a portfolio page. You can use it to show your expertise level on a certain field. You can also use it on a web page that is aimed at displaying the progress of something. Elementor already has a similar widget, with the progress is displayed horizontally via a bar. Circle Progress offers you more options to prevent a monotonous.

What Else Offered by JetElements?

In addition to the elements we have covered above, there are several other things offered by JetElements.


If you use the pro version of Elementor, you have about 90 widgets (design elements). Plus the widgets from JetElements, you will have about 124 widgets. Although the widgets have been put together into different categories (you have 7 different categories if you Elementor Pro and JetElements), you might be bothered to see all those elements.

If you want to work with JetElements only, you can close all categories but JetElements. This will make your interface looks simpler and you can work more comfortably and focused. Also, JetElements allows you to temporarily disable the widgets you are not going to use. This is pretty cool because we bet that you don’t need all of the widgets offered by JetElements.


JetElements also supports integration to allow you to integrate your website with the popular services you use. Unfortunately, the services supported by JetElements are limited enough. There are only three services you can integrate with JetElements: Google Maps, MailChimp, and Instagram. This is acceptable since JetElements itself is an add-on.

To integrate JetElements with the services mentioned above — as well as disabling the unnecessary widgets — you can go JetPlugins -> JetElements Settings on your WordPress dashboard.

Premade Templates and Blocks

In Elementor, you can create a web page whether from scratch or from a template. Elementor already provides a lot of templates to save you time in creating a web page. With JetElements, you will have more templates you can choose from.

To find the templates from JetElements, you can scroll down on the templates library. You can find them on the bottom side of the Elementor templates library. The templates from JetElements have a JetElements label.

In addition to templates, JetElements also offers a bunch of premade blocks. You can find them by going to the Blocks tab on the templates library. You can use the dropdown menu to find the Blocks from JetElements. All block categories with the “Jet” prefix are coming from JetElements.

JetElements gives you an option to disable the templates and blocks in case you don’t need the.

JetElements Support

Technical support is a crucial thing to consider before you use a tool or service. It allows you to easily get help when in trouble. The team of JetElements offers several ways on how you can get help. From ticket, Twitter DM, WhatsApp, live chat, and Facebook Messenger. If you want a quick response, you can use live chat or WhatsApp on the office hours.

You can also read the documentation page or watch the tutorial videos offered by the JetElements team. Visit this page to get the technical help about the JetElements usage.

The Verdict

JetElements is an Elementor add-on developed by Crocoblock. This add-on offers great widgets to allow you to create beautiful pages with unique elements. There are 34 widgets/design elements offered by JetElements in total, costing $17 (one-time purchase).

One of the things we love about JetElements is the ability to disable the unnecessary widgets temporarily. This is great because it can make your Elementor editor keep simple with fewer distractions so you can keep focused when working.

JetElements itself is just one of the add-ons developed by Crocoblock. It comes with more common widgets. There are some add-ons for more specific purposes. We will cover them on the next reviews.

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  1. Hello, i really like crocoblock and jetelements but in instagram widget doesnt show any icon (like, comment).

    How can i enable this feature or can you take a look on this? Thank you.


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