JetPlugins: A Perfect Toolkit to Create a Website with Elementor

The free version of Elementor comes with limited widgets and features. You have two options to get more Elementor widgets and unlock the features like theme builder, popup builder, the ability to add a sticky effect and so on. First, you can upgrade to Elementor Pro. Second, you can install an Elementor add-on. If you prefer the second option, one of the add-ons you can try is JetPlugins.

What is JetPlugins?

JetPlugins is a set of premium Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. There are 18 Elementor add-ons in the set in total. You can download them individually one by one according to your needs or as a package.

Here is the list of the Elementor add-ons, part of the JetPlugins family.

1. JetThemeCore

You can use JetThemeCore to replace the theme builder feature of Elementor Pro. You can use this add-on to create custom WordPress theme parts like header, footer, 404 page, archive page, single post template, and so on. JetThemeCore also offers hundreds of ready-to-use templates and content blocks. You will have a Magic Button after installing this add-on.

2. JetStyleManager

In Elementor Pro, there is a feature to save a stylized widget as a global widget. The purpose of this feature to save you time in creating a web page as you can use a global widget on every new page you are working on. JetStyleManager offers a similar functionality where you can save a widget you have customized for recurring use. JetStyleManager also offers an option to reduce the number of styling options in the Elementor editor by setting the Editor Load Level function for each Jet plugin. This helps a page to be loaded faster.

3. JetBooking

As the name suggests, JetBooking is an add-on designed to allow you to accept a booking. This add-on is great if you want to develop a website for a hotel, guest host, car rental, and other business that involves booking. Jet Booking supports integration with Google Calendar.

4. JetBlocks

Elementor Pro has a setting option to add a sticky effect to a section and widget. The same setting option is not available on Elementor Free. JetBlocks brings that setting option to your Elementor Free. Thanks to this add-on, you can create things like a sticky header.

In addition to providing a setting option to add a sticky effet, JetBlocks also allows you to add elements like breadcrumbs, login form, search box, navigation menu, and so on. There are 9 widgets offered by JetBlocks:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Registration Form
  • Auth Links
  • Hamburger Panel
  • Login Form
  • Search
  • Nav Menu
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Site Logo

You will need this add-on to create a custom theme part like header, footer or single post template.

5. JetTricks

You can use JetTricks if you want to add some animation effects like parallax to your page. This add-on also allows you to add hotspots to an image or tooltips. JetTricks also adds a setting option to apply a sticky effect to a column in Elementor.

6. JetReviews

JetReviews is great if you sell products or services via your website. This add-on allows you to add a submission form to certain a post type and let your visitors give their reviews. You can select the source from which you want to add the reviews.

7. JetTabs

You can use JetTabs to add on-page navigation (tabs). The content on each tab can be created using the default editor or from an existing Elementor template. The tabs can be set in either vertical or horizontal mode. This add-on also allows you to add accordion blocks to your page. There are four widgets offered by this add-on.

  • Switcher
  • Tabs
  • Image Accordion
  • Classic Accordion

8. JetMenu

So far, Elementor Pro has no feature to add a mega menu. If you want to create a mega menu on your website built with Elementor, you can use this add-on. With JetMenu, you can add content like blog posts to your menu. You are free whether to create a vertical mega menu or vertical mega menu.

9. JetWooBuilder

You need this add-on if you want to create an e-commerce website with Elementor. This add-on allows you to display products and product categories as a grid or carousel. You can also use this add-on to showcase your products into list layouts. Want to create a single product template? JetWooBuilder also allows you to do so. You can then assign the single product template you created to any products. There are about 8 ready-to-use single product templates offered by JetWooBuilder.

JetWooBuilder comes with the following widgets:

Categories GridSingle Reviews FormTags (Archive)
Product ListProducts Loop (Shop)Stock Status (Archive)
Product GridTile (Archive Category)Sale Badge (Archive)
Taxonomy TilesCount (Archive Category)Rating (Archive)
Single Add to CartSingle Sale BadgePrice (Archive)
Single AttributesProducts Result Count (Shop)Excerpt (Archive)
Single ContentProducts Pagination (Shop)Categories (Archive)
Single ExcerptPage Title (Shop)Add to Cart (Archive)
Single ImagesProducts Ordering (Shop)Single Upsells
Single MetaProducts Notices (Shop)Single Title
Single PriceProducts Navigation (Shop)Single Tab
Single RatingProducts Descriptions (Shop Products)Description (Archive Category)
Single Related ProductsThumbnail (Archive)

10. JetSmartFilters

Jet SmartFilters is an add-on that allows you to provide a great user experience to your website. This add-on is especially great to be installed on an e-commerce website as it allows your visitors to filter your products by a certain parameter such as price range, brand, and so on.

Here are the widgets that you can use to add advanced filtering feature to your website.

  • Rating Filter
  • Visual Filter
  • Search Filter
  • Radio Filter
  • Date Range
  • Check Range
  • Range Filter
  • Select Filter
  • Checkboxes Filter
  • Remove Filters
  • Active Filters
  • Apply Button
  • Pagination

11. JetPopup

Want to create a popup on your WordPress site? Jet Popup is one of the plugins you can use. JetPopup allows you to create beautiful popups via Elementor’s visual editor. When creating a popup using this plugin, you can set where the popup to appear. Whether on the entire website, homepage only, certain pages, certain posts, and so on. JetPopup supports the following trigger types:

  • On page load
  • Inactive time after
  • Page scrolled
  • Try exit
  • On date
  • Custom selector click

There are about 64 popup templates that you can use to save you time in creating a popup. You can read this post to learn more about how to create a popup with JetPopup.

12. JetProductGallery

JetProductGallery is another great add-on for your e-commerce website. You can use the add-on to display the images of your products in either a classic gallery or a modern gallery. There are several styling options offered by this add-on. You can display in a grid style, slider or gallery anchor navigation.

13. JetCompare&Wishlist

Another add-on that aimed at e-commerce websites. This add-on allows your loyal visitors to add a product to a list. It also lets your visitors get to know how many times they have added a product into a list. In addition, this add-on also allows you to effortlessly create a comparison table block.

Here are the widgets offered by this add-on.

  • Wishlist
  • Wishlist Count Button
  • Wishlist Button
  • Compare
  • Compare Count Button
  • Compare Button

14. JetSearch

Elementor Pro allows you to add a search feature to your website using the Search widget. JetSearch has the same functionality as the Elementor’s Search widget, but with more eye-catching search results. The search results are displayed instantly as you type a keyword thanks to the AJAX technology used by JetSearch. You can customize the results preview to your liking.

15. JetBlog

JetBlog is a great add-on if you want to create an online magazine with Elementor. With this add-on, you can effortlessly add a grid block on the homepage of your online magazine. As you know, grid block is a common element usually found in an online magazine. You can use a grid block to display articles from certain categories. There 9 grid layouts you can choose from. JetBlog also allows you to create or embed a YouTube playlist. You can also add a newsticker if you like this element.

Here are the widgets offered by JetBlog:

  • Video Playlist
  • Posts Pagination
  • Posts Navigation
  • Text Ticker
  • Smart Posts Tiles
  • Smart Posts List

16. JetEngine

One of the interesting features offered by Elementor Pro is the ability to add dynamic content. You can, for instance, add a featured image to a single post template or anywhere. JetEngine is developed to add similar functionality. This add-on comes with a Dynamic Field widget to display the meta content from the defined source, Dynamic Image widget to display featured images, and Dynamic Meta to display publication date and author info.

Here are the widgets offered by JetEngine.

  • Dynamic Field
  • Dynamic Image
  • Dynamic Repeater
  • Dynamic Link
  • Dynamic Terms
  • Dynamic Meta

17. JetElements

JetElements is a premium Elementor add-on that adds basic widgets to your Elementor. Some widgets — like Pricing Table and Button — are basically already available on Elementor. However, JetElements offers different setting options. There are some widgets are not available on Elementor yet, though. Including Advanced Map that allows you to create a map with multiple locations and Instagram to display your Instagram feed.

There are about 40+ widgets offered by JetElements:

Advanced Carousel Horizontal TimelineSubscribe
Advanced MapImage ComparisonTable
Animated BoxImages LayoutTeam Member
Animated TextInline SVGTestimonials
Audio PlayerInstagramVertical Timeline
BannerPie ChartVideo Player
Bar ChartPortfolioWeather
Logo ShowcasePostsWooCommerce Recent Products
ButtonPrice ListWooCommerce Featured Products
Circle ProgressPricing TableWooCommerce Sale Products
Countdown TimerProgress BarWooCommerce Best Sellers
Download ButtonScroll NavigationWooCommerce Top Rated Products
DropbarServicesWooCommerce Product

18. JetAppointment

JetAppointment is an Elementor add-on designed to create an appointment website. It comes with essential features for an appointment plugin such as the ability to add holiday and rest days to schedule, set working hours, and buffer time. You can also set the maximum capacity per given service and embed the data in the time slot within your Booking Calendar. You can integrate JetAppointment with WooCommerce to accept payment via PayPal or cash on delivery.

Final words

If, for a certain reason, you prefer to use an Elementor add-on instead of Elementor pro, JetPlugins is a great option. You don’t need to buy all of the plugins. Instead, you can buy only a plugin that you really need. For instance, if you only need to create a popup on your website, JetPopup is enough. $22 per year we think is not too expensive. Or, if you want to add animation effects to your website, you can buy Jet Tricks.

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