Free Elementor Template Kit: Italian Restaurant

Do you have an Italian restaurant business? If yes, creating a website would a great idea to reach more potential customers. You can create a website yourself with Elementor using the template kit we created. The template kit is designed specifically for Italian Restaurants but you can also use for other types of restaurants by tailoring the default content. The Italian Restaurant template kit consists of 8 main templates and 3 extra templates.

The main templates:

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Blog page
  • 404 page
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Popup

The 3 additional widgets (section widgets) are used to add the content on the vertical tab element on the homepage. You can see the demo of the Italian Restaurant template kit by clicking the following button.

How to use the Italian Restaurant template kit

To use the template kit, you can download the ZIP file we provide via the form on the end section of this article. Unzip the ZIP file to get the template files. You will get 11 template files in total (in a JSON format). Simply import the JSON files one by one. Elementor also allows you to import multiple templates at once by simply uploading the ZIP file. Visit this post to learn more about how to import an Elementor file.

Setting the vertical tab element

On the homepage of the Italian Restaurant template kit, you will see a vertical tab element. We use JetTabs to add this element. You can find the widget of the element — the Tabs widget — on the third section of the homepage template.

You need to set this widget to display the content from the template. To do so, make sure you have imported the templates of the content of the tabs. You can find the templates under the tabs folder under the main Italian Restaurant template kit folder.

With the Tabs widget selected, go to the left panel. Under the Content tab, open the Items block. Open one of the tab items and set the content type to Template and select a section template you have imported.

Repeat the steps above on other tab items.

Setting the menu

We use a popup to create a full-screen menu on the template kit. To use the menu, make sure you have imported both the popup template and the header template. We use the Icon Box widget to display the popup. Make sure that the popup template is set to the popup template of the Italian Restaurant template kit. You can edit the header template to do so.

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