How to Integrate Monstroid2 with Mailchimp

Nearly all Monstroid2 skins have at least one email subscription form. Backpackstory, for instance. This skin has an email subscription form on the footer section. Monstroid2 itself uses Mailchimp as the email newsletter service. Email addresses entered on the email subscription form will be sent to a Mailchimp audience. But, you need to integrate your Mailchimp account with Monstroid2 first in order to allow the email subscription form to work.

The Monstroid2 integration with Mailchimp is powered by JetElements so make sure this plugin is installed and activated. There are two components you need to start the integration:

  • Mailchimp API key
  • Mailchimp list ID

Getting Mailchimp API key and list ID

You need a Mailchimp API key to connect your Mailchimp account with Monstroid2. While for list ID, you need it to specify to which audience the email addresses entered via Monstroid2’s email subscription form to be sent to.

Note: list is now audience in Mailchimp

  • API key

To get a Mailchimp API key, login to the Mailchimp dashboard and go to your profile by clicking your profile icon on the upper right and select Profile.

Click Extras and select API keys

Click the Create A Key button and copy the API key on the API key column. To make it easy for you to identify your API key in the future, you can add a label of your API key. Simply click none set on the Label column to add the label.

  • List ID

To get the list ID, click the Audience menu and select an audience you want the email addresses to be sent to. Click Manage Audience on the right side and select Settings.

Scroll down to the bottom and copy the list ID from the Unique id for audience your audience name field.

Start integrating

Once you got the Mailchimp API key and list ID, login to your WordPress dashboard and go to JetPlugins -> JetElements Settings.

Click the Integrations tab and paste the Mailchimp API key and the Mailchimp list ID to the respective fields on the Mailchimp section.

If you want to create an email subscription form popup using JetPopup, you can go to JetPlugins -> JetPop Settings to integrate your Mailchimp account.

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