How to Integrate Master Slider with Elementor

Do you have a plan to redesign a page on your WordPress site (or maybe the whole site) while you use Master Slider? No worries. You won’t lose the sliders you created with Master Slider. Instead, you can add them to the Elementor-powered pages on your website. Elementor itself actually has the Slides widget that you can use to replace a slider plugin like Master Slider. But if you use the pro version of Master Slider, you definitely don’t want to just ditch it.

As you have known, Master Slider uses a shortcode to add a slider to a page, while Elementor comes with a Shortcode widget. You can use this widget to integrate all WordPress plugins that use shortcode, including Master Slider, with Elementor.

How to Integrate Master Slider with Elementor

We assume that you have been using Master Slider before you use Elementor. That being said, we also assume that you already have at least one slider. We won’t demonstrate how to use Master Slider in this article. We will go straight to adding an existing slider to an Elementor page.

First, go to Master Slider -> Master Slider on your WordPress dashboard. Specify the slider you want to add to an Elementor page and copy its shortcode.

Next, create a new page (Pages -> Add New) and edit it with Elementor. Of course, you can also edit an existing page. You can read our previous article to learn how to use Elementor in case you are new to Elementor. On the Elementor editor, drag the Shortcode widget to the canvas area.

Once the Shortcode widget is added, go to the settings panel (panel on the left side) and paste the shortcode of the slider you have just copied to the Shortcode block under the Content tab.

A little note. If the slider preview doesn’t show up in the Elementor canvas, you can preview the page by clicking the eye icon on the bottom side of the settings panel.

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  1. Hi, followed the steps to make it, the page by clicking the eye icon on the bottom side of the settings panel, you can also see the image. But when reopening the page to search for the link, the image does not show up on the computer side or the mobile side. How to do that please?


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