How to Integrate Elementor with MailerLite

Elementor supports integration with several email marketing tools. One of which is MailerLite. By integrating Elementor with MailerLite, you will be able to provide an email subscription form on your website and send the email subscribers to your MailerLite account.

Just like other tools, you need to connect your MailerLite account with Elementor using an API to integrate the two. Follow the steps below to integrate Elementor with MailerLite.

Update: Email marketing integration is now only accessible on the Advanced plan of Elementor Pro. The Essential Plan users have no access to the feature. Learn more here.

How to Integrate Elementor with MailerLite

First off, visit the MailerLite website and login with your account. On the MailerLite dashboard, click your profile icon on the top-right corner and select Integrations.

On the Integrations page, click the Use button on the Developer API option.

On the next page, copy the provided API key.

Once the API key is copied, login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Elementor -> Settings. Click the Integrations tab and scroll down to the MailerLite section. Paste the API key you have copied and click the Validate API Key button.

You will see a green checklist icon if the validation process successful. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button to save the new change.

How to Connect an Elementor form with MailerLite

After you have successfully integrated your MailerLite account with Elementor, you can now connect an Elementor form with your MailChimp account. Be it an email subscription form or other sorts of forms. To add a new form, you can drag the Form widget from the left panel to the canvas/editor.

Customize the form according to the purpose of the form. Once done, click Action After Submit and add MailerLite.

A new option called MailerLite will appear. Click this option. On the API Key option, leave it default. You can select Custom if you want to run a certain campaign with MailerLite. Make sure to create a new API first if you want to use a custom API Key.

Select one of the existing groups on your MailerLite account. For better subscriber management, you can create a new group for your new form. This way, you can easily identify the subscribers subscribed via your new form.

On the Email Field Mapping section, you can select the parameters according to the fields on your form. For instance, if your form consists of only two fields, say email and name, then you can select the Email and Name parameters.

The parameters (field mapping) you chose will be displayed when you click an email address of a subscriber on the MailerLite dashboard to see its detail information.


You can click the PUBLISH button once you are done editing the page. Try to enter some entries to your form to check out if everything has gone well.

The Bottom Line

Elementor has a native feature to allow you to integrate your website with popular email marketing services. MailerLite is one of the email marketing services that Elementor supports. You can use the feature to create an email subscription form using Elementor form builder feature and then send the submitted data to MailerLite.

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