How to Integrate Brizy with MailerLite

Do you use MailerLite as your email marketing tool and want to redesign your WordPress site using Brizy? If yes, it’s a great idea because Brizy comes with integration support with MailerLite (as well as other email marketing tools). So, you don’t need to install a new plugin to integrate your MailerLite account with your WordPress site. You can create a form with Brizy and connect it with your MailerLite account, regardless of your purpose. Whether to collect leads or just email addresses for a newsletter need.

Brizy is released as a freemium plugin and the element to create a form — the Form element — is available on both the free version and the pro version of Brizy. However, the integration with third-party tools is only available on the pro. In other words, you need to use Brizy Pro to connect your Brizy form with your MailerLite account.

You can follow the steps below to integrate Brizy with MailerLite.

Step 1: Copy the MailerLite API key

You need a MailerLite API key to integrate it with Brizy. To get the MailerLite API key, visit the MailerLite website and login with your account. Once logged in, click your profile picture on the top-right corner and select Integrations.

On the MailerLite API section, click the Use button on the Developer API option.

Copy the available API key.

Step 2: Connect your Brizy form with MailerLite

Once the MailerLite API key is copied, you can start creating the form and connect it with your MailerLite account. To add the form to the page or template you are editing, you can simply drag the Form element to the canvas area (you read this article in case you are new to Brizy).

Set the fields according to the purpose of the form creation. To add a new field, you can click one of the existing fields and click the two-paper icon to duplicate it. You can then click the Field tab to set the field type. To delete an existing field, you can click the field you want to delete and click the trash icon on the appearing bar.

Once done setting the form fields, click the submit button to set the form action. Click the plug icon on the appearing bar.

On the appearing window, click the APPS tab and select MailerLite.

Paste the API key you have copied to the available field and click the Connect button.

On the next step, simply click the Continue button.

Select a MailerLite list you want to assign the form to and click the Continue button.

Lastly, set the fields mapping and click the Continue button.

If everything goes well, you will receive a successful message, indicating that your Brizy form has successfully connected with your MailerLite account. Done!

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