How to Install a New Website Template in Jupiter X Theme

Jupiter X is an Elementor-based WordPress theme that comes with over 200 website templates. Technically, a website template is a set of premade Elementor templates — much like an Elementor Template Kit –, but you can import all of the templates on a website template with a single click. A website template commonly consists of the following Elementor templates:

  • Header template
  • Footer template
  • Homepage template
  • About page template
  • Contact page template
  • Archive page template
  • 404 page template

A website template also comes with demo content. With a website template, you can have a complete website more quickly.

How to install a new template website in Jupiter X

The website templates offered by Jupiter X are well-organized in different categories from blog, portfolio, travel, shop, food, and so on. In Jupiter X, you can change your website template at any time.

To install a new website template, go to the Jupiter X control panel and click the Templates tab on the left side.

Select a new template you want to install and click the Import button.

On the appearing popup, select your option. If you select the Full import option, all of your existing content, settings, and widget will be removed and the database will be reset. The importer will then create new pages and settings. If you select the Content import option, your existing content, settings, and widgets will be kept. The importer will only import the templates (header template, footer template, archive page template, and so on). Select your option and click the Install button.

The importer will then install the required plugins and import the templates. Wait a moment until the installation process is done.

If you selected the Content import option, the changes won’t be applied immediately. Instead, you need to change all of the parts (such as the header, footer, archive page, homepage, 404 page, and so on) manually. To do so, you can go to the theme customizer (Appearance -> Customize).

For instance, to apply the new header, you can open the Header block. Make sure the header type is set to Custom and select the new header template from the dropdown menu on My Templates.

To change the footer template, you can open the Footer block. To change homepage, you can open the Homepage Settings block. To change 404 page, search results page, and maintenance page (if any), you can go to the Pages block. Don’t forget to click the Publish button to apply the changes you have made.

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