How to Install Google Analytics on Monstroid2 Theme

Google Analytics is a second to none tool to track website traffic. Most website owners use Google Analytics to analyze their website traffic. Some paid WordPress themes, such as Divi and Newspaper, have a default setting to allow you to effortlessly install Google Analytics to your website. Unfortunately, the same setting option is not available on Monstroid2.

You can install Google Analytics on Monstroid2 using the old way: by pasting the tracking code to either the footer.php file or header.php file of Monstroid2. Alternatively, you can edit the footer section of the skin you use and embed your Google Analytics tracking code using Elementor’s HTML widget.

Installing Google Analytics on Monstroid2

Before start installing Google Analytics on Monstroid2, you definitely need to get the Google Analytics tracking code first. To get the tracking code, login to the Google Analytics dashboard and go to the Admin page by clicking the gear icon on the bottom-left corner.

Select a property by clicking the dropdown menu on the Property column. Or, you can also create a new property by clicking the Create Property button. Click Tracking Info -> Tracking Code to get the tracking code.

  • Installing Google Analytics using the old method

To install Google Analytics using the old method, login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance -> Theme Editor.

Select either the footer.php or header.php file.

Paste the Google Analytics tracking code right before the </body> tag and click the Update file button.

  • Installing Google Analytics by editing the skin footer

If the method above doesn’t work, you can use this alternative to install Google Analytics to Monstroid2. As you knew, Monstroid2 offers skin. You can edit either the footer or the header of the skin you use. To do so, go to Monstroid2 -> My Library.

Hover your mouse over the active footer/header and click Edit with Elementor.

Add the HTML widget. You can place it anywhere.

Go to the left panel and paste the Google Analytics tracking code to the HTML Code field and click the UPDATE button.

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