How to Create an Image Gallery in Brizy

Image is worth a thousand words. Maybe that sounds cli·ché, but we believe an image has magical power. Just like a work of art, an image can be processed or customized into anything. One of them is to make it into an image gallery. There are many benefits of an image gallery on the website, such as below:

  • Showing the shop products and services
  • Showing the photographs you’ve taken
  • Many other things relevant to your business

Brizy has a feature where you can easily create an image gallery. The feature is called Gallery element. The Gallery element is only available on Brizy Pro, so ensure you have already upgraded to Brizy Pro. This article will show you how to create an image gallery in Brizy.

How to Create an Image Gallery in Brizy

On your WordPress Dashboard, go to the Pages -> Add New. Click the Edit with Brizy button, which brings you to the Brizy editor.

Once you enter the Brizy editor, continue to add a new block by clicking the plus (+) icon. You will see the Blocks library because we want to start everything from scratch, so please select the Create your own option.

Click the plus (+) icon, select the Gallery element from the Elements panel, then drag and drop it into the block. By default, two columns will appear where we can add the images. In this example, we want the image gallery to display four images in two columns. So, we need two more boxes for another two images. On the image options toolbar, click the Duplicate. Do it twice; you will get two additional boxes for placing the images.

Now you have two columns with four images compartment. Next, adjust the width of the image gallery by clicking the mixer icon, then go to Settings and click on it. For your reference, we will set the Width at 60 %.

You can go to the Gallery settings if you want more or fewer columns on your image gallery. On Gallery settings, you can set the Columns, Spacing, and the option to Open in Lightbox.

This tutorial will create an image gallery of summer outfit collections. First, we will add a title to the image gallery by selecting the Text element from the elements panel and then dragging and dropping it into the above columns. You can put any title and style up the text with your preference.

Well, let’s start to add the images. You can add any images you want. In this gallery, we use four images with the same aspect ratio (1013×1013). Using the same aspect ratio (width and height) for those images will help you to get images that look proportional.

Once you’ve added the images to your gallery, we will add an effect to those images where you click on them, and they can open up into a larger frame; that effect is called a lightbox.

To add a lightbox effect into the gallery is very easy. Go to the Gallery settings, and you will find an option to activate the Lightbox effect. Slide the toggle of Open in Lightbox to the right to activate it.

Click the Preview button and see how it worked.

The Bottom Line

The image gallery can introduce your visitors to your website’s purpose. It can be a showcase of your products or your services. In other words, having a stunning gallery is a must for every website. With Gallery element from Brizy, you can make it come true. We hope this article helps you improve on customizing an image, especially in creating the image gallery.

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