How to Allow Visitors to Get Notification when Their Comment is Replied in WordPress

WordPress has a default feature to allow your website visitors to leave a comment. Other visitors can reply to an existing comment. However, WordPress has no default option to automatically notify visitors when their comment is replied. If you want to allow your visitors to get notifications over a reply to their comment, you can use a plugin called Comment Reply Email Notification. The plugin will automatically send an email to visitors — who have left a comment on a certain post — when their comment is replied by another visitor. You can get the plugin on the official plugin directory of WordPress.

Installing and Using the Comment Reply Email Notification Plugin

As said above, the Comment Reply Email Notification plugin is available on the official plugin directory of WordPress. It means that you can install it directly from the WordPress plugin manager. Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins to access the WordPress plugin manager. Click the Add New button to install a new plugin.

Type “Comment Reply Email Notification” on the search box. Once you found the plugin, click the Install Now button to install it. Activate the plugin right away once installed.

The Comment Reply Email Notification plugin requires no additional settings to work. It will automatically work once installed. You will see a new option labeled “Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment.” beneath the comment box on each blog post of your website.

If your visitors check the option, they will be notified (via email) when another visitor replied to their comment. The option itself is unchecked by default. If you want to set it to be checked by default, you can go to Settings -> Comment Reply Email Notification on your WordPress dashboard. Check the check the subscription checkbox by default option and click the Save Changes button. You can also add privacy policy URL if you want it.

Editing the Email Template

By default, the email sent to your visitors has the body with the following content:

If you want to add a new text to the body or remove the existing one, you can simply edit the template. To do so, you can go to Plugins -> Plugin Editor on your WordPress dashboard. Select Comment Reply Email Notification on the dropdown menu on right side and click the Select button.

Select the notification.php file under the templates/cren folder to edit it.

If the plugin editor is disabled on your WordPress site, you can access the notification.php file of Comment Reply Email Notification from the file manager of your hosting. You can go to the following path: wp-content/plugins/comment-reply-email-notification/templates/cren.

The Bottom Line

When maximized, the default commenting feature of WordPress can help increase visitors to your website. One of ways to maximize the WordPress commenting feature is by automatically sending a notification to visitors when their comment is replied. On top of that, applying the tip can help to increase user engagement on your website. Another tip to increase user engagement via comment box is by displaying a social media sharing buttons right after the comment is posted. You can achieve it using the Monarch plugin.

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