How to Hide a Block in Brizy

Do you want to create a membership website with WordPress? If you use Brizy on your WordPress site, you don’t need to install a new membership plugin. Recently, Brizy announced a new feature that allows you to hide a block based on user roles. You can make use of this feature to create a membership website by hiding the Brizy blocks and show them only to users with a certain user role. For instance, you can hide a block that contains a video content from users with a Subscriber role and show it to users with an Administrator role, Editor, Author, and so on. Here are the roles supported by Brizy’s new membership feature.

  • Not logged
  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber
  • Customer
  • Shop manager

Brizy itself (the pro version) also comes with a feature to add a custom role, which you can access by going to Users -> Roles on your WordPress dashboard. You can make use of this feature if you want to create a user role that doesn’t have access to the WordPress dashboard.

To make the membership functionality really works, you can use WooCommerce and use the Customer role to hide your content. WooCommerce will automatically give this role (the Customer role) to your users once they make a purchase on your website.

How to hide a block in Brizy

The Brizy’s new membership feature is available on the free version. To use it, make sure to update your Brizy Free to the latest version first (version 2.2.8 at the time of writing). After updating your Brizy Free, you will see a new option called Membership when customizing a block on the Brizy editor.

First, edit your page with Brizy. Specify a block you want to hide and click the block handle (the mixer icon) to show the settings bar. Click the gear icon and enable the Membership option.

Click on the Show to field and select a role you want to show the block to. You can select multiple roles.

Publish/update your page once you are done editing it. Once published, the block you have enabled the Membership on will only be visible to users with a role you have specified.

Brizy also offers an option to allow you to filter the blocks on the page you are editing and view the page exactly how the users with a certain role will see it once the page is published/updated. Some kind of preview.

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  1. I don´t want to use Woocommerce for the membership.
    Does it work then? We want the members in our society to log in on our societysite to see special things just for them.
    I have Brizy Pro.


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