Happy Addons: Review and Overview

Updated: November 13, 2020

Elementor has over 90 widgets that you can use to create a beautiful web page without coding. If you need more widgets, you can install an add-on. Most Elementor add-ons come with widgets that are not offered by Elementor although there are also some widgets with similar functionalities as Elementor’s native widgets. Happy Addons offers 55+ widgets to allow you to add creative elements such as Instagram feed, interactive charts, skill bar, image compare, business hour, and so on. In addition, this add-on also offers several unique, useful features.

A brief intro about Happy Addons

Happy Addons is an Elementor add-on developed by weDevs. We added it to the list of the best premium Elementor add-ons. Actually, Happy Addons is a freemium add-on. You can download the free version of this plugin on the official plugin directory of WordPress. The free version of Happy Addons has 31 basic widgets, while with the pro version you have 26 extra widgets along with other premium features.

The pro version of Happy Addons has a dependency on the free version. Before installing the pro version, make sure you have installed the free version first.

The pro version of Happy Addons costs $39 per year for a single site. If you are an agency, there are also plans for 5 sites and 1,000 sites.

The Happy Addons Pro license is transferable

This is probably a question you want to ask about. Is the license of the pro version transferable? Yes, it is.

If you have activated the pro license on a certain domain and, for a certain reason, you want to transfer the license to another domain, you can do so. But first, you need to deactivate the license on the domain where the Happy Addons Pro is currently being activated. Read this article to learn more.

Happy Addons widgets

As we have mentioned, the plugin 55+ widgets in total. Here are they:

Free widgets:

Info BoxCarouselStep Flow
CardSkill BarsGravity Form
Contact Form 7Gradient HeadingNews Ticker
Icon BoxWPFormsFun Factor
Team MemberNinja FormsBar Chart
ReviewweFormsSocial Icons
Image CompareCaldera FormsTwitter Feed
Justified GridLogo GridPost List
Image GridDual ButtonPost Tab

Pro widgets:

Flip BoxFeature ListAdvanced Toggle
Pricing TableTestimonial CarouselPromo Box
Advanced HeadingAdvanced TabsHotspots
List GroupAnimated TextPrice Menu
Hover BoxTimelineLine Chart
CountdownInstagram FeedPie & Doughnut Chart
Team CarouselScrolling ImagePolar area Chart
Logo CarouselBusiness HourRadar Chard
Source CodeAdvanced Accordion

As you can see on the two lists above, there are some creative widgets that are not available on Elementor by default.

Unfortunately, the add-on offers no widget to display articles on a website (has been available on the latest update). As a comparison, Essential Addons has Post Block, Posts Grid, Smart Post List, and Post Timeline widgets to display the articles on your website. While JetElements has Smart Posts List and Smart Posts Tiles widgets to accomplish the same thing. Also, Happy Addons has no widgets for WooCommerce yet.

Happy Addons features

You don’t need to enable all of the widgets offered by Happy Addons. To simplify your widget choices on the Elementor editor, you can disable the widgets you think not necessary. You can go to HappyAddons -> Widgets to enable/disable widgets.

This sort of feature is crucial enough because sometimes you only need specific widgets offered by an add-on.

Features like Floating Effect, CSS Transform, Widget Background Overlay, and Clone are available in the free version of Elementor. With the pro version, you will get the following extra features:


In Elementor, you can style a widget to tailor the design concept you want to create. Let’s be honest. Styling a widget is one of the most time-consuming parts when working on a page or template with Elementor. People can spend minutes or even hours to style a widget.

Happy Addons comes with the Preset feature to allow you to get a decent-look widget instantly. Each widget comes with 1 to 12 predesigned styles (presets).

Cross Domain Copy Paste

Elementor supports copy-paste feature to save you time in creating a web page. For instance, you can copy a section or widget you have customized from a page and paste it to a different page. However, the default copy-paste feature of Elementor only works on the same domain. With Happy Addons Pro, you can copy a section or widget from a domain and paste it to a different domain. This feature is helpful if you are working on clients’ sites.

With the Happy Addons Pro installed, you will see X Copy and X Paste options when right-clicking a section or widget.

You can simply select X Copy to copy a section or widget and select X Paste on a different domain where you want to paste the section/widget to.

Live Copy

Happy Addons offers demo styles for each widget they offer. When visiting a demo page of a certain widget, say Team Member, you will see several demo styles. If you find the demo styles interesting enough, you can copy the demo style you like with the Live Copy feature and paste it to the page you are working on. This allows you to have a beautiful section in no time.

Image Masking

When working with an image in Elementor, you can set the border-radius to get a certain shape. However, not all shapes can be created with border-radius. For instance, it’s impossible to create an image with the following shape with border-radius.

No, the image above not edited with Photoshop. The splash effect on the right side of the image is generated by the Image Masking feature of Happy Addons.

You can use the Image Masking feature on all Elementor widgets (including the native widgets) that have images such as Image, Image Box, Card, Team Member, and so on.

Unlimited Section Nesting

Sometimes, you need to add a new section to an Inner Section in Elementor. In Elementor, it’s impossible to do, unless you install the pro version of Happy Addons. You can add a new nested section to an Inner Section. However, a nested section can only consist of a single column. You can add as many nested sections as you want.

Another worth-mentioning feature offered by Happy Addons is line icon. It offers over 500 extra icons that you can use to add unique icons to your page.

Premade Templates

In Elementor — and other WordPress page builder plugins in general — you have two options to create a page. First, you can create a page from scratch. Second, you can create a page from a premade template. To enrich your premade template collection, Happy Addons offers hundreds of premade templates you can choose from. You can simply click the Happy Addons icon on the canvas area to open the template library of Happy Addons. The premade templates offered by Happy Addons are very well organized. You can filter the templates by category to make it easy to find one. Not just page templates, you can also find section templates.

The verdict – Happy Addons Review

Overall, Happy Addons is a great add-on. It comes with unique widgets and features to enhance your experience to use build a website with Elementor. Creating a website will be much easier, more enjoyable with this add-on. There are also some minor, though. Happy Addons has no widget for WooCommerce yet (version 1.9.0 for Pro).

Happy Addons is especially a great add-on for time efficiency as it comes with features like presets and a live copy to accomplish a certain design style in no time. The availability of extra unique icons is another great point.


  • Features: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
  • Widgets collection: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
  • Compatibility with Elementor: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
  • Pricing: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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