Happy Addons vs JetElements: Features and Widgets Comparisons

Widgets are the first thing you need to notice when you are looking to install an Elementor add-on. Each Elementor add-on comes with unique widgets to enrich your widgets library. Happy Addons and JetElements are two of the popular Elementor add-ons. We have added them to the list of the best premium Elementor add-ons.

Happy Addons is basically a freemium Elementor add-on. You can download the free version of this add-on on the official plugin directory of WordPress. Meanwhile, JetElements is a completely premium add-on. There is no free version available. The developer of JetElements — Crocoblock — basically also offers a free add-on but with a different name instead of “JetElements”.

Happy Addons vs JetElements: Widgets Comparison

One thing you need to know before we start comparing the widgets of Happy Addons and JetElements.

JetElements is a member of JetPlugins, a set of Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock. JetElements comes with basic widgets for Elementor with minimum extra features. Crocoblock offers different add-ons for specific functionalities and features. For instance, it offers JetPopup to allow you to create popups and JetTricks to add animation effects. There are 18 Elementor add-ons in total offered by Crocoblock.

JetElements comes with 41 widgets while Happy Addons has 57 widgets.

Happy Addons Widgets

Free Widgets

Bar ChartImage ComparePost Tab
Caldera FormsImage GridReview
CalendlyInfo BoxSkill Bars
CardJustified GridSlider
CarouselLogo GridSocial Icons
Contact Form 7Team MemberStep Flow
Dual ButtonNews TickerTestimonal
Fun FactorNinja FormsTwitter Feed
Gradient HeadingNumberweForms
Gravity FormsPost ListWPForms
Icon Box

Pro Widgets

Advanced AccordionHover BoxPromo Box
Advanced HeadingInstagram FeedRadar Chart
Advanced TabsLine ChartScrolling Image
Amimated TextList GroupSource Code
Business HourLogo CarouselTeam Carousel
CountdownPie & Doughnut ChartTestimonial Carousel
Feature ListPolar area ChartTimeline
Flip BoxPrice MenuAdvanced Toggle
HotspotsPricing Table

JetElements Widget

Advanced CarouselHorizontal TimelineSubscribe
Advanced MapImage ComparisonTable
Animated BoxImages LayoutTeam Member
Animated TextInline SVGTestimonials
Audio PlayerInstagramVertical Timeline
BannerPie ChartVideo Player
Bar ChartPortfolioWeather
Logo ShowcasePostsWooCommerce Recent Products
ButtonPrice ListWooCommerce Featured Products
Circle ProgressPricing TableWooCommerce Sale Products
Countdown TimerProgress BarWooCommerce Best Sellers
Download ButtonScroll NavigationWooCommerce Top Rated Products
DropbarServicesWooCommerce Products

Although the widgets offered by JetElements are fewer, it has all essential widgets needed by all website types. From a blog to e-commerce sites. It has a Posts widget to display the articles on a website and 6 widgets to display WooCommerce products. Happy Addons, on the other hand, has no widget yet to display WooCommerce products.

Happy Addons vs JetElemens: Features Comparison

As mentioned earlier, JetElements is an Elementor add-on member of the JetPlugins. This add-on adds basic widgets to your Elementor and offers minimum extra features. It offers two only extra features: Parallax effect and integration with Mailchimp.

Meanwhile, Happy Addons comes with several features to enhance your experience in building a website using Elementor as well as some features to streamline your workflow. Here are the extra features offered by Happy Addons.

Happy Addons Free Features

Floating Effect
CSS Transform
On Deman Asset Loading
Widget Background Overlay
Custom Column Order
Happy Clone
Fixed Size Button
Grid Layout
Grid Layout

Happy Addons Pro Features

Cross Domain Copy Paste
Section Nesting
Live Copy
Image Masking

In addition to the features above, Happy Addons also offers over 500 icons to enrich the icons library on your Elementor, allowing you to add unique icons to the page or template you are working on. The icons offered by Happy Addons are not provided by a third-party like Elementor (Elementor icons are provided by Font Awesome).

How to get Happy Addons and JetElements

Happy Addons is developed by weDevs while JetElements is developed by Crocoblock. Both developers apply the subscription-based business model. The cheapest plan offered by weDevs for Happy Addons costs $39 per year for a single site while the most expensive plan costs $189 per year for 1,000 sites. The Happy Addons Pro license is transferrable. You can read here to learn more.

Unlike weDevs that accepts only the subscription-based payment model, Crocoblock also accepts a one-time purchase option although the price is quite expensive. The cheapest plan offered by Crocoblock for JetElements costs only $19 per year for a single site. In addition, you can also get JetElements in a set (a set consists of several add-ons). There are three sets offered by Crocoblock: Design, Multi-Tool, and E-Commerce.

To get JetElements with a one-time purchase option, you need to spend $499. This price includes all of the JetPlugins members. Alternatively, you can also get JetElements with a one-time purchase option from the Jupiter X theme, Monstroid2 theme, and Woostroid2 theme. These themes are bundled with JetElements and several other JetPlugins members.

The verdict

Both Happy Addons and JetElements are great add-ons if you are looking for an add-on to enrich the Elementor widgets library on your website. With Happy Addons, you will have 57 extra widgets while JetElements adds 41 extra widgets.

JetElements is a great option if you are looking for an add-on that offers basic widgets. This add-on has widgets to display articles on your website as well as WooCommerce products if you have an e-commerce website. It also comes with creative widgets to allow you to add creative elements to the page/element you are working in. So is Happy Addons. This add-on also comes with some creative widgets to allow you to add creative elements to a page or template.

The downside of Happy Addons is that it has no widget yet to display WooCommerce products. However, Happy Addons comes with several features to help save much time in creating a website. Plus, it comes with over 500 icons to allow you to add unique icons to a page or template.

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