Happy Addons vs Essential Addons: Features and Widgets Comparisons

Looking for an add-on to enrich your Elementor widgets library? Two add-ons we recommend are Happy Addons and Essential Addons. The two are affordable enough add-ons which you can get for under $40 per year. We added the two to our list of the best premium Elementor add-ons. Even so, be it Happy Addons or Essential Addons are basically a freemium add-on. The free version of both Happy Addons and Essential Addons are available on the official plugin directory of WordPress. Of course, the free versions have fewer widgets than the pro versions. Also, the pro version comes with several extra features.

Both Happy Addons and Essential Addons come with creative widgets to enrich your experience in building a website with Elementor. Also, they come with some handy features to streamline your workflow.

As the title suggests, this post will compare the widgets as well as the features offered by Happy Addons and Essential Addons.

Happy Addons vs Essential Addons: Widgets Comparison

Essential Addons offers more widgets than Happy Addons. It offers 67 widgets in total while Happy Addons offers only 57 widgets. Those widgets are categorized into two groups: Free widgets and pro widgets.

Happy Addons Widgets

Free widgets

Bar ChartImage ComparePost Tab
Caldera FormsImage GridReview
CalendlyInfo BoxSkill Bars
CardJustified GridSlider
CarouselLogo GridSocial Icons
Contact Form 7Team MemberStep Flow
Dual ButtonNews TickerTestimonal
Fun FactorNinja FormsTwitter Feed
Gradient HeadingNumberweForms
Gravity FormsPost ListWPForms
Icon Box

Pro widgets

Advanced AccordionHover BoxPromo Box
Advanced HeadingInstagram FeedRadar Chart
Advanced TabsLine ChartScrolling Image
Amimated TextList GroupSource Code
Business HourLogo CarouselTeam Carousel
CountdownPie & Doughnut ChartTestimonial Carousel
Feature ListPolar area ChartTimeline
Flip BoxPrice MenuAdvanced Toggle
HotspotsPricing Table

Essential Addons Widgets

Free widgets

Post GridweForms Sticky Video
Post TimelineInfo BoxAdvanced Data Table
Fancy TextFlip BoxEvent Calendar
Creative ButtonsDual Color HeadingAdvanced Tabs
CountdownCall to ActionAdvanced Accordion
Team MembersPricing TableProgress Bar
TestimonialsTwitter FeedFeature List
WooCommerce Product GridData TableFluentForm
Contact Form 7Filterable GalleryFacebook Feed
Gravity FormsImage AccordionBetterDocs Category Box
Ninja FormsContent TickerBetterDocs Category Grid
Caldera FormsTooltipBetterDocs Search Form

Pro widgets

Post BlockContent TimelineFancy Divider
Lightbox & ModalData TableCounter
Testimonial SliderTwitter Feed CarouselTeam Member Carousel
Image ComparisonDynamic Filterable GalleryPost Carousel
Interactive PromoSmart Post ListLogo Carousel
Instagram Gallery & FeedMailchimpProtected Content
Advanced Google MapContent ToggleOffcanvas Content
Static ProductOne Page NavigationAdvanced Menu
Flip CarouselPrice MenuImage Scroller
Interactive CardsImage Hotspots

We suggest you see the widgets offered by each add-on carefully before deciding which add-on you eventually use, especially if you want to use the pro version. It’s crucial to choose an add-on that offers widgets based on the needs of your website. For instance, if use Calendly and want to show your available schedules to your website, Happy Addons is the add-on you need since it comes with a Calendly widget. Conversely, if you want to create a documentation website using BetterDocs, the choice is quite obvious: Essential Addons.

Both Happy Addons and Essential Addons have widgets to display the articles on your website. Happy Addons have two widgets to display articles on your website: Post List and Post Tab. While Essential Addons have five widgets with the same functionality: Post Grid, Post Timeline, Post Carousel, Post Block, and Smart Post List.

Up until version 2.8.0 (1.5.0 for the pro version), Happy Addons has no widgets for WooCommerce, while Essential Addons has Woo Product Collections and Product Grid widgets to work with WooCommerce products.

Another word-mentioning widget offered by Essential Addons is Google Map. This widget is pretty useful if you want to create a website for a business that has a physical location (coffee shop, boutique, zoo, gym, and so on). This widget allows you to create an advanced map feature, including a 360-degree virtual tour.

Happy Addons vs Essential Addons: Features Comparison

Both Happy Addons and Essential Addons offer some unique features. A small detail might affect your decision to make a choice. One of the notable features offered by Essential Addons is content-protection that allows you to password-protect a web page. You will need this feature if you plan to create sensitive pages on your website. The same feature is not available in Happy Addons.

On the other hand, Happy Addons has three pro features that will save you much time in creating a website.

  • Preset: To allow you to have a beautiful widget instantly.
  • Cross Domain Copy Paste: To allow you to copy a section or widget from a domain to another domain.
  • Live Copy: To allow you to copy a demo style of a widget.

Here are several notable features offered by Happy Addons and Essential Addons.

Happy Addons Essential Addons
Parallax EffectNoYes
Reading Progress BarNoYes
Content ProtectionNoYes
Table of ContentNoYes
Cross Domain Copy PasteYesNo
Section NestingYesNo
Live CopyYesNo
Image MaskingYesNo
Floating EffectYesNo
CSS TransformYesNo

Both Happy Addons and Essential Addons offer no template.

Another worth-mentioning feature offered by Happy Addons is an icon set. Happy Addons offers about 500 icons to enrich the icons library on your Elementor, allowing you to use unique icons on the page or template you are working on. Unlike Elementor that uses third-party icon provider (Font Awesome), Happy Addons provides its own icon sets.

The verdict

Happy Addons and Essential Addons are two affordable Elementor add-ons that can be an answer if you need to add creative elements to the page or template you work on. You can get Happy Addons and Essential Addons for $39 per year (the cheapest plan). Happy Addons will add 57 extra widgets to your Elementor while Essential Addons will add 67 extra widgets. Each add-on comes with some unique features. Happy Addons comes with a cross-domain copy feature to allow you to copy a section/widget from a domain to another domain, while Essential Addons comes with a content-protection feature that allows you to password-protect a web page.

Make sure to read the offered widgets thoroughly before you make a choice. Also make sure that the offered widgets — as well as the features — fit the needs of the website you want to create.

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