5 Google Cloud-Powered WordPress Hosting Services

Are you looking for a WordPress hosting service that is powered by Google Cloud? Well, we have curated the best options you can opt to.

As you know, web hosting is one of the most competitive markets in the WordPress ecosystem. There are tons of players out there. From big companies to small ones that you never heard of. Some web hosting companies such as Pressidium and Pressable use their own infrastructure for the services they offer, while some use Google Cloud (Google Cloud Platform more specifically).

From the users’ perspective, the big name of Google sometimes becomes the magnetism to use a certain hosting service. And indeed, Google Cloud Platform is one of the most popular cloud computing services widely used by developers, other than AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean.

Here are some WordPress hosting services that adopt Google Cloud Platform on their services:

Google Cloud-Powered WordPress Hosting Services

— 1. WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the most popular web hosting services in the WordPress ecosystem. There are over 800,000 websites hosted on the service, according to BuiltWith. WP Engine uses Google Cloud, as well as Azure and AWS for its hosting service. In WP Engine, Google Cloud is available on shared and premium plans. While AWS and Azure are only available on the premium plans. Learn more here.

There are 14 different data center locations offered by WP Engine for Google Cloud. They are spread in North America, Europe, Asia, to Middle East. You can pick the one where the majority of your site’s visitors are.

— 2. Kinsta

New Kinsta homepage screenshot.

If you have been long in the internet industry — be it as a developer, designer or even content creator — then you must have heard about Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a popular CDN service that has hundreds of data center locations spread around the globe. With CDN, your site will load faster as the content (your site content) is retrieved from the nearest CDN server location to your visitor’s location.

If you are looking for a WordPress hosting service that offers built-in integration with Cloudflare, then you can try Kinsta. Not just CDN, the caching feature of Kinsta is also powered by Cloudflare.

What about Google Cloud?

The main infrastructure of Kinsta fast WordPress hosting is powered by Google Cloud. When adding a new website on Kinsta, you can choose 35 different data center locations. Kinsta uses Nginx as the web server and MariaDB as the database server. The default PHP memory limit offered by Kinsta is 256 MB. With this configuration, you can install and run popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Divi Builder, to Elementor without any issue.

In addition to CDN and cache, Kinsta also offers scheduled backups, staging environment, and team collaboration features. You can control these features via a streamlined, intuitive custom panel built in-house by Kinsta.

Kinsta highlight:

A great option if you want to have a blazing fast website.

— 3. SiteGround

Do you own multiple blogs and want to make a switch from your current hosting? If so, you can consider SiteGround.

SiteGround offers two WordPress hosting plans — GrowBig and GoGeek — that allow you to install as many websites as you want. Same as Kinsta above, SiteGround also offers built-in integration with Cloudflare for the CDN and cache feature, while the main hosting infrastructure is powered by Google Cloud. SiteGround also offers high default PHP memory limit setting: 768 MB.

Unlike Kinsta, the CDN feature of SiteGround and disabled by default. You need to enable it yourself via the control panel. Also, a plugin — SiteGround Optimizer — is needed in order to use the caching feature. SiteGround uses Apache as the web server and MySQL as the database server. Features like staging environment and scheduled backups are also available. Furthermore, SiteGround offers free email hosting and file manager feature. These two features are not available on Kinsta and WP Engine.

SiteGround highlight:

A great option to run multiple websites at a lower cost.

— 4. 10Web

If you are a generative AI fan, 10Web is a perfect hosting service for you. The hosting service has a feature to generate website content (texts and images) powered by a generative AI. You will be asked whether you want to use the help of this generative AI when creating a new website on 10Web.

10Web is also a great option if you are an Elementor fan. Each website on 10Web comes pre-installed with Elementor so that you don’t need to install it yourself.

Same as the first three hosting services above, the hosting infrastructure of 10Web is also powered by Google Cloud. You can choose 10 different data center locations when adding a new website on your account. 10Web also offers CDN feature (powered by Cloudflare). However, you need to make another purchase as the CDN feature is available as an add-on.

A good thing about 10Web is that you can try its control panel for free. You can even create a website (on a temporary domain) for free before you subscribe.

— 5. Elementor Hosting

Did you know that Elementor also offers hosting service? Elementor Hosting is released by Elementor in the early 2022. Previously, the service was known as Elementor Cloud. But today, the service is called Elementor Hosting.

Elementor Hosting is also powered by Google Cloud. And since it is developed by the Elementor team, you can’t install another page builder on your website. And as you can guess, your website is pre-installed with Elementor.

Elementor Hosting also offers CDN (powered by Cloudflare), scheduled backups, and staging environment. The advantage of using Elementor Hosting is that you don’t need to manage the Elementor and WordPress updates yourself. Everything is fully managed.

The Bottom Line

Google Cloud Platform is one of the services offered by Google. The service is similar to AWS and Azure whereby developers can use it to build cloud-based apps or services without building the cloud infrastructure by themselves — which take a bunch of money. In the WordPress ecosystem, there are a number of web hosting companies that make use of Google Cloud Platform to create cloud-based web hosting services optimized for WordPress.

The infrastructure of the web hosting services listed above is powered by Google Cloud. If you want your website to run on the Google technology, then you can try one of the services above.

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