What is a Global Block in Brizy and How to Create One?

Working with Brizy, you need to familiarize yourself with blocks. In Brizy, block is one of the design elements that you can use to create a page or theme builder template. A block is a large container to place columns, rows, and the actual design elements like image, text, button, and so on. On other page builder plugins like Elementor and Divi Builder, a block is called a section. You can add as many blocks as you like according to your needs when creating a page or template with Brizy. Not just regular blocks, you can also add a global block.

What is a global block?

Say you want to create a website to market your service. To make it easy for your aspiring clients to learn the specifications of the service you offer, as well as the price, you want to add a pricing plan block/section on the homepage, the pricing plan page, a landing page, and several other pages on your website. In such a case, it would be easier to create a global block. By creating a global block, you just need to create the pricing plan block once (on a certain page). If you need to add the pricing plan block to other pages, you just need to add one from the global block you have created. This will save you a lot of time in creating a website.

Using global blocks also provide some advantages in the editing process. When you make some changes to a global block from a certain page, the changes will also be applied to all pages that contain the global block you are editing. Brizy also uses this concept to create a custom footer and a custom header.

How to create a global block and how to use one

Creating a global block is super easy. Once you are done adding and editing the content on a certain a block and style it up, you can hover your mouse over the associated block and click the mixer icon on the right side to open the settings bar. On the settings bar, click the Block tab and enable the Make it Global option.

A global block is marked with a blue globe icon.

To use the global block you have just created, you can go to the Global Blocks on the template library. To open the template library itself, you can click the plus icon on the canvas area (add a new block). Simply click a global block you want to use to import it to the Brizy editor.

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