4 Best Free Online SVG Editors

Say you have just downloaded a Figma template and want to convert it to a page builder. The template has a lot of SVG icons and you want to edit them first before uploading to the design on your page builder. Since you don’t edit SVG icons on a regular basis, you prefer to use an online SVG editor instead of installing an app like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape on your computer.

Whatever the reason that led you to look for an online SVG editor, we have curated some of the best options that you can use.

SVG itself is an open file format for vector images. Being an open file format, anyone can use it without paying the license fee. That’s why there are many developers developing apps to edit SVG files. Be it web-based or desktop-based.

Here are some of the best web-based SVG editors that you can use for free.

1. Boxy SVG

Boxy SVG is one of the best tools to create and edit SVG files online. You can use it directly without creating an account first. To edit an SVG file, you can upload the file from your computer. Although you can use it without creating an account, there are some features that are only accessible when you login. One of which is the ability to save an SVG file back into an SVG format. Without logging in, you can only export the edited file into a raster format (PNG, JPG, WebP).

Boxy SVG has a desktop-like interface. You can even change the interface theme to deliver a GNOME (Linux desktop), macOS, or Windows nuance. If you plan to use Boxy SVG on a regular basis, you can consider the pro version to be able to save your files to the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere using any device.

2. Mediamodifier

Mediamodifier is technically an online mockup generator tool. However, it also offers a useful online SVG editor which you can use for free. You can click here to access its online SVG editor. The Mediamodifier’s SVG editor is easier to operate, especially for those that haven’t worked with SVG file at all before. After importing the SVG file from your computer, the app will ask you to ungroup the objects so that you can edit them.

The Mediamodifier’s SVG editor can also be used for free without creating an account first. You can even save the edited SVG files back to SVG format without logging in. The raster formats supported by the tool are PNG, JPG, and PDF.

3. Method Draw

Method Draw is another simple web-based SVG editor that you can use for free. You are not required to create an account to use the tool. The tool allows you to import an SVG file from your computer to be edited, and then download the edited SVG file into a raster format (PNG) or vector (SVG). The tool has a simpler interface.

In addition to editing the existing objects on your SVG file such as changing the color, setting the fill and stroke, and so on, you can also add new objects. Method Draw offers ready-to-use objects from a wide range of categories. From shapes, animals, and so on.

4. Vector Ink

Vector Ink is another great tool to edit SVG files online without needing to login. The tool offers simple features to allow you to make some edits to your SVG files such as changing the colors of an object, setting the stroke as well as the fill, and so on. Once done editing, you can export your image into a raster format (PNG) or vector (SVG). To further edit your image, the tool offers tools like pen tool, rectangle tool, path tool, and so on.

The Bottom Line

Using SVG files on your web design is a great idea as you can scale them up as you like without losing image quality. If you have no drawing skills to create the vector images yourself, you can seek for vector files on websites like Freepik, Icons8, to Creative Market. On these websites, you can find and download vector images in SVG formats.

If you need to edit the SVG files before you use them on your design yet has no Adobe Illustration or the similar tool installed on your computer, you can use one of the useful tools we have just mentioned above. You can use all the tools above for free.

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