6 Free Elementor Single Post Templates to Download

The Theme Builder feature of Elementor allows you to create custom templates for your theme parts. One of which is the single post. In this context, single post template is the template that controls the appearance of the blog posts on your website. We have created some pre-made Elementor single post templates you can download for free in case you want to create a new single post template for your website.

Just like pages, you can also start your custom template from a pre-made template. You can find a bunch of pre-made templates on the template library of Elementor (which you can access by clicking the folder icon on the canvas area). Including templates dedicated to single posts. If you can’t find a template that suits you, there are alternative sources like ThemeForest to Creative Market to find Elementor templates.

As mentioned earlier, we have created some pre-made Elementor single post templates which you can download for free. These templates are complements to the template kits we offered earlier. If you are new to Elementor and haven’t created a custom single post template yet, you can refer to our post here.

Free Elementor Single Post Template

1. Dongker

Dongker is an Elementor single post template that has a simple design. Not many elements added to the template. You can only find elements like post title, post date, author name, and featured image on the hero section. Beside these elements, you can only find the post body on the second section. There are no elements like related articles or email opt-in form. Dongker is a suited option if you want your blog posts to be displayed in a simple, clean layout. The absence of sidebar offers a convenient reading experience to your visitors.

2. The Grey Stones

The layout of the hero section of The Grey Stones is a bit similar to the Dongker above where you will find a post title on the left side and the featured image on the right side. However, there is an extra element you will find on the left side, right beneath the post title: post excerpt. This element is useful if you rely on SEO to generate organic traffic. Also, you can utilize this element to write a brief summary of your blog posts before elaborating it further on the post body area.

The Grey Stones has more elements than Dongker. Beneath the post body, you will find elements like related articles and email subscription form, which you can connect with an email marketing plugin or service of your choice.

3. The Explorer

Looking for an Elementor single post template that offer a space to place a banner ad? The Explorer might be a suited option for you. You will find the banner ad space on the bottom section of the template, next to the related posts. The placement it aimed at not interrupting the reading experience of your visitors. The Explorer also offers an email opt-in form which you can connect with an email marketing tool you use.

4. Sedikit Hitam

Sedikit Hitam is a single post template inspired by the single post of GiteHub’s blog. A little CSS code is added to the template to add text gradient effect to the post meta and button text. Same as other single post templates above, Sedikit Hitam also adopts a sidebarless design approach to maintain the reading experience of your blog visitors.

5. Keep Going

Keep Going is another single post template that involves CSS code. The CSS codes are added to the Posts widget on the bottom section (recommended articles) to create a hover effect to the featured image. The other one is added to the read more element to turn the read more link into a button.

If you have CSS knowledge, you can apply a custom styling using your own CSS code to the elements of the Posts widget as well as other widgets. We have created a list of Elementor widget selectors to ease your job.

6. Biru-biru

If you are a fan of the blue color, then Biru-biru is a perfect option for you. As you can see on the screenshot above, it applies a blue overlay which wraps the featured image on the background. Of course, you can change the color if you are interested to the template, yet not a blue fan. After importing the template, you can edit it to change the settings or add a new element.

Pro Tips

When creating a custom single post template using Elementor Theme Builder, you can use the Post Content widget to customize the body of your content. However, the widget is only capable of customizing the paragraph element. If you want to customize other elements as well (heading elements in particular), you can do so from Elementor Site Settings.

To access Elementor Site Settings, you can click the hamburger icon on the top-left corner on the Elementor settings panel and select Site Settings.

On the Site Settings panel, you can click the Typography menu.

As you can see, there are some elements you can customize here. You can click the pencil icon to set the typography (font family, font size, font style, and so on) of the elements. While to set the font color, you can click the color picker.

You can also set the paragraph spacing on the Body block. One thing to note: Since you have customized the paragraph element using the Post Content widget on the custom template, you don’t need to make any change on the Body block — other than setting the paragraph spacing.

From Site Settings, you can also customize the comment form fields. You can go to the Form Fields menu on the Site Settings panel to do so.

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